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That's odd. I went to the Sloane St store a few weeks ago and told the guy I was just browsing and don't really wear the SLP style and he roped me into trying on the various "iconic" pieces like the nut Wyatt boots, teddy jacket, double rider "just for fun".Was also surprised that the jackets fit pretty decently since I don't have a SLP build. Seems like it's working if they're tweaking the patterns to broaden the audience.
Could you elaborate on what you mean by efficient here? Having a hard time between the Field IS, Node, and the Monitor Down. Think the Field IS looks the best but unsure if would be as warm as the down ones. Would appreciate any thoughts!
That sounds really interesting - would love to see photos (if that's at all feasible)
Serious Q - is it possible to put a vibram on the CP crepe sole? I thought about it but sole didn't look replaceable like a goodyear welted sole as I think BV chelseas have. I saw some online cobbler that offers crepe sole replacement for clarks but couldn't tell how good the workmanship would be.
Can't speak to the actual longevity of the CPs but I had the same experience as Bertdinner -- tried them on, really liked the shape and comfort, returned them because the sole was clearly not going to last
I like options #2/#3 but have found LVC and the Japanese makers to have short inseams on predistressed jeans. Personally have had better luck with RRL, J. Crew and Uniqlo (the stretch selvedge in particular).
Pretty sure DK paid all required taxes - one of the reasons he required payments to be indicated as "for goods" rather than gifts on Paypal was so they could be processed through the Paypal IRS reporting system.
YMMV guys. I was just talking about the basic white leather/grey suede GATs which I bought full price from fwrd.com. Leather is genuinely cheap and got creased up after a couple wears just like a pair of $60 nikes, would be just preposterous to compare it to hermes leather. Would not expect suede etc. to behave the same way of course. Shoes are very comfy though, no doubt about that. CPs can be comfy too when broken in if you size right. In fact the most comfortable...
Good point in principle, but personally have found CP's standard achilles leather to be just perfect for sneakers, whether or not full grain. Margiela GATs on the other hand are trash quality IMO, basically on par with $60 nikes in terms of leather thinness and creasing etc. and would definitely check out Epaulet for an alternative.
Got my brown goatskin moto this morning, 20 days from ordering on 9/3. Impressions: quality identical to TOJ. New interior zipped pockets are a nice touch, as is the option to get tab zippers on the pockets. Brown goat is great and though "unglazed", is pretty similar to the glazed black goat I have on a TOJ A-2. Huge fan of goat personally, find it to be lighter and more luxurious than the lamb and at the same time more solid feeling. One issue is that the jacket is...
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