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There are some contemporary minded Savile Row tailors that are targeting a demographic of guys that are into SLP etc. rather than the old British/Italian aesthetic. E.g. Kilgour: [[SPOILER]]
I don't know about limiting fashions to their "origin" per se, but I think it's fair to say that chelsea boots (and beatle boots) are iconic of 60s mod style, and those chelseas were sleek enough to go with drainpipe trousers, slim suits etc.
To be fair, SLP already makes combat boots that are more chunky, consistent with the heritage of that style. The classic chelsea boot on the other hand is supposed to be sleek/tapered and go with slim pants as part of the mod aesthetic.
Don't know what's really going on with the clothing but the line is co-branded with Adidas - http://www.adidas.com/us/yeezy
Agree and I think it's fair enough for Kanye to put out a line of cool stuff that Raf Simons may have created back in 1998 or 2002 but is no longer otherwise available to buy. The real scandal is the pricing - it's just outrageous/distasteful for Adidas to charge $400+ for t-shirts and $2000+ for nylon bombers when they didn't even come up with the original ideas and are taking no risks.
I interpreted him differently as saying that old school luxury/haute couture is now dead and irrelevant and has evolved into the sort of accessible/mainstream covetable luxury like what SLP specializes in, targeted at "active and modern women", in competition with Dior, Lanvin, Celine, etc., none of whom are currently doing it with the same impact as SLP. I thought his point about hype/marketing was to contrast against designers who lack an individual vision or thesis,...
+1. The "classic" black lamb is probably best for people who run cold and like a lot of insulation in their clothes. Personally I run hot and thus only really wear my goat TOJ/Falcon jackets.
I think Hedi Slimane makes sense as a successor to Yves Saint Laurent - who else is doing that sort of mainstream chic/luxury fashion design at such a high level these days?Thought Berge's point about H&M/Zara was interesting (i.e. that's where the action is these days). Feel like the trend, at least among NYC yuppie women these days, is to exclusively shop for clothes at those kinds of "high street" stores and then focus big spending on status symbol accessories (e.g....
That's odd. I went to the Sloane St store a few weeks ago and told the guy I was just browsing and don't really wear the SLP style and he roped me into trying on the various "iconic" pieces like the nut Wyatt boots, teddy jacket, double rider "just for fun".Was also surprised that the jackets fit pretty decently since I don't have a SLP build. Seems like it's working if they're tweaking the patterns to broaden the audience.
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