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I wouldn't think so - the goal is mainly comfort and getting a good seal
I'm not too deep into it but I've spent a moderate amount of time on head-fi to inform similar purchasing decisions.Haven't ever used the IE80s but I think Sennheiser uses a proprietary standard for their earpiece connection, so maybe people resort to DIY solutions for cable replacements if the OEM cable is too expensive or otherwise unsatisfactory.On whether tip upgrades are worth it, I think it's definitely critical to get tips that give you a good seal. Otherwise the...
Foam tips also isolate well and may be a more comfy alternative to double/triple flange tips. Some people also use Spin Fit tips where the tip rotates. All different solutions to the same problem, how to seal the canal and block external noise. Dieworkwear - I think at the "mid range" price bracket you're looking at, the Asian brands are pretty popular these days. E.g., JVC FX1100, Oriveti Primacy, iBasso IT03. The western brands are probably more competitive in the >$1k...
True but how does it impact stores if people are more disciplined about buying stuff they don't need or taking risks on sales (or full priced items due to free shipping/returns)? Wonder if more customer discipline would shrink the pie and result in stores and designers being more conservative/risk-averse on the front end with regard to what they offer.
$750 is an incredible deal for a new Monitor down IMO. Wore mine in ~50 degree temp today as I misjudged the NYC weather. Still perfectly comfortable since the sleeves are coreloft so don't feel sweaty (yet equally warm/comfy over just a T-shirt in 25-30 deg temps earlier this week).
Would you mind elaborating on your free returns policy - like do you provide a prepaid label or something? Have had difficulty with returning items to Canada in the past because of the notoriously difficult Canadian customs process etc. Thanks!
Looks great to me. Not sure whether this addresses your specific concern with the shoulders, but my experience with the brown goatskin was after 10 or so wears it softened/relaxed considerably and the "boxy" feel of the jacket went away.
I've bought robes from Restoration Hardware as gifts a couple of times, seem to have gone over pretty well. They have both cashmere and terry in a few different options.
Picked up this season's Monitor Down coat. The patterning is incredible - it's uncanny how they've managed to design a full fledged down parka to be so comfy and flattering.
Chicago seems like a tricky place to figure out where to open a flagship store. Chicago-based posters can correct me if I'm off base, but I'd guess that Uniqlo target demos don't do much shopping on Michigan Avenue, and it's not a city where there are masses of shopping focused tourists all year round like NYC/London, nor is there a huge Asian/Asian-influenced population like in California.
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