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Really love both of these sportcoats emptym.However these pics, as well as the ones mafoofan posted, are turning me off cream squares altogether. I'm not a fan of the warm yellow/gold undertones juxtaposed against shirts with a white base.I always thought the cream color in question was off-white with a slight cool grey/pink tinge, like this:
Please don't remove any of the posts. The guy called you a psychopath with aspergers and threatened to "ensure that you pay a price for this that you cannot bear". Potential customers need to know how this company treats its customers. If Linkson Jack wants to make amends, they can add an apology to the record.
This is outrageous, unbelievable that Linkson Jack put those threats in writing. If I were you I'd report those emails to the applicable UK consumer protection agency (if not the police), in addition to posting them on all the main fashion forums as a warning to others (AAAC, reddit, etc.).
Is it that unusual to desire a seconds hand on a watch? I know that sophisticated watch connoisseurs are supposed to appreciate the placid beauty of a 2 handed watch, but being able to glance at a sweeping seconds hand and sync it w/ my subjective time perception is probably my favorite part of wearing a watch.
Drew is definitely not going to declare bankruptcy. The only bankruptcy scenario is if Paypal goes after him for a 6 figure amount + interest + penalties etc. If enough customers coordinate together to where that becomes a realistic outcome, Drew would surely liquidate some assets or take out some personal loans to make it go away before Paypal gets involved.
You could try this shirt: http://www.kamakurashirts.net/shop/g/gPD9119103990/
In this scenario, would Paypal refund everyone and then go after Drew, even though the dispute window is over? Is there precedent for this type of thing?If so, this would be an insane ending to the TOJ saga.
Agree with this and posted about it a lot when Drew was soliciting "partners" a while back.The low price and SW&D forum focus were a great way to build rep and get free PR and overall worked magnificently - to this day there are plenty loyal early customers that continue to defend TOJ and Drew's integrity notwithstanding the current fiasco. And regardless of anything that's happened in the past year, we all know that if Drew posted tomorrow that MTM was back with an 8-week...
Think this is unrealistically charitable. Don't think it's plausible that anyone would be this unresponsive if there wasn't serious bad news that he's reluctant to deliver.Not to say it must be cash flow related. Could also be some major supply disruption - black lamb is unavailable or triple the price, jacket makers have retired or moved, etc.
I think Drew's response would be that this wasn't meant to be a real business, and in any event TOJ was in shutdown mode during all of these events.What's the solution if he's run out of cash and is only making enough money from the restaurant to produce jackets at a very slow pace? Some type of bailout loan?
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