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Sure...I just Googled around online to find the lowest price for that particular shirt. Didn't find it at some of the department stores websites that carry Spurr, so it seems like only 3 options: 1. (which from the look of it is to Esquire what Park&Bond is to GQ). $139 No shipping charge. 2. These folks have it full price, but there's a 30% off code for a few days this week: No shipping either, but still higher at $159. 3....
I felt my shirts were all too plain and wanted to buy a few shirts with patterns on them. I found these two but since I've been picking things up on impulse lately, thought I'd post...thoughts? This Spurr shirt is on sale at $139 from $225 (would never buy it at original price, even now is a bit high, though Spurr is good quality). And this one, $59, down from $95:
Is the 25% off online, or only in store? I was fishing around at the RRL website and cant see a 25% off promo. Thanks!
This looks like a pretty lightweight/thin black v-neck, and I've been looking for something like this (unlike the v-necks you get at, say, J Crew). Where is it from?Cheers!
I suspect they may have one in the works. A few months ago, they sent an e-survey that was entirely about online shopping habits, how much you spent buying clothes on the internet, with which competing brands, etc.
Namor, really like those tan jeans to the right of your photo. Are those the antique cream wash? (I think there's also a newer "Aged cream", but I think that shade is closer to white). The only thing I don't like about the antique cream slim boot model is that they have those silly loops right under the front pockets.
If you find the yellow raincoat in XS, I'll do it!
Yes, and use cold water.I find that Woolite dark works, but I get less bleeding of the color with Dr Bronner's. However, it also cleans a little less well if they are hardcore filthy. Some pairs of jeans simply stink more and faster than others. I usually try Dr Bronner's though.
Congrats - I like mine so much I would probably buy another pair in a heartbeat. They are getting serious, hardcore amounts of wear!
Resellers are more than welcome to jack up their prices. As others have mentioned, that doesn't mean you'll buy...and on the rare occasion, I've even paid a bit of a premium on something I really wanted. However, when the prices are basically at MSRP, or in the case of people like blue present, often over MSRP, you wonder where their business sense is. There is always an ideal balance between volume & per-unit profitability, and I doubt folks like Blue Present really...
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