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This has never been worn outside the house, so it's in mint condition. My girlfriend kept suggesting I should be more adventurous with stripes & patterns, so I gave this a go. The fit is fantastic but when I've put it on to go out, I feel like I just can't pull it off. Never even made it to the street, so I decided I might as well sell it off. Figured I'd give SF a crack before E-bay. Color: Navy/Brick Size: XS Condition: Like new, never worn outside Original...
This has never been worn outside the house, so it's in mint condition. The color is fantastic and original for a trench. I've never owned a trench before and every time I'd put it on to leave the house, I felt self-conscious (for my style, anyway). Just can't make it work for me. Figured I'd give SF a crack before E-bay. Color: Chocolate Brown Size: XS Condition: Like new, never worn outside Original retail: $289 + tax Payment: :$80, includes tracked shipping in the...
I don't need their slim fit because the buttons around the chest strain too much and it looks awful. Their cuts are pretty slim already, so you won't have a problem....I can't buy CM shirts if they're slim fit, but if I go up a size they're too big. Their clothes are made for thin dudes.
There are many great brands, but for me the best is RRL, which has a hardcore cult following and is as high quality as it gets. The washes are sick as hell, too (though it depends on the season). Very expensive, though, so I suggest you look on Ebay for decent prices; also,you can wait a few weeks when the discounts start to hit, but then you have to be quick.
What does everyone make of the Timothy shirt jacket? I saw it in person and it has a thicker, almost flannel type feel. Blurry photo here: I like it, though I'm not entirely sure how to wear a shirt jacket; is it more the former or the latter? Ie, do you wear it more as just a shirt,even though it's thicker and a tad wider, or s it meant to have a tee or even another, lighter shirt, under it?
Yes, but that guy behind the computer screen can be YOU!
Yow, that's an awesome bag! I had seen it around ever since Kiefer Sutherland carried it around in the '24' show, but the prices were around $1,000+ if memory serves. Too much for a bag in my book...I bought an Ernest Alexander messenger for about $300+ and even that was a bit much because I don't consider bags to be a key item I would spend a lot on, but this RRL...damn! Enjoy!
Hm, looks like the CM online shop is almost ready to roll. Went to the website and they've closed off all the content - it just says the shop is coming. A great thing in terms of being able to view their whole collection easily, but if the website doesn't factor in my student discount, I won't be buying from there. Got to take advantage of my student status while it lasts!
This is not only insulting, but bad for business.Sure, some (many?) people who aren't students use their old IDs, but many people like me are genuinely students. And guess what, my ID doesn't have an expiration date. That doesn't mean I have to endure a Gestapo-style interrogation just to save $10 or $20. Sorry, I don't carry my class schedule or transcripts around. I'd just as soon tell the sales person to piss off and not buy the item (or source it from another...
For those of you who were interested in the navy trench coat - there's a version of it I like much more in a sort of deep, chocolatey brown. I think that one is only available at certain stores, but I ordered it on the phone and they shipped. The color is really what made it worth buying.
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