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I'm going to follow up on my post above, which I think you found helpful. Focus on FIT. Sometimes, there's a correlation between brand and fit, but not always. Fit is more important to me than style or color or what you have on. Kids your age, and even adults, tend to instinctively wear stuff that is too baggy. Depending on what the item is, you'll need a great tailor....find one here, or use Google & Yelp. I used to think I was a size S, so that's what I bought...
No one can give the answer you seek outright. There are many things to learn, sub-styles, etc. I think the forum has some good primers and guides for beginners somewhere. Look around. In the meantime, subscribe to GQ & Esquire, and look at what they have on display month to month - you'll start noticing patterns, colors etc. Navigate their websites. Of course, not everything they show is great - or is going to fit your style - I hate some of the stuff. But it'll...
I was looking forward to this rust-colored jacket from the J Crew Fall/Winter 2013 show, and was surprised to find it's already available (I'm pretty sure it's the same one?). Don't Fall/Winter items usually show up until late August or early September? Here it is on the website. Thoughts?
Interesting...any suggestions?
Hi folks... This is technically suede, but I suppose it generally fits under the 'leather' category. I'm toying with purchasing one of these and can't make up my mind....assuming price differences aren't an issue, which one would you go for? #1- Calvin Klein Collection jacket....$550 down from $1,500 (I would never buy it at that price). #2 - Club Monaco...
You know what, you're right. I'm deleting the post and putting it up on "Should I Buy...", which is where it should've been to begin with.
What do you guys think about the suede bomber on the website?
Hi folks, I know this may be a bit of a stretch, but I'm looking to buy an item from a company that will only ship to Finland....anyone? Any advice? Thanks so much, cheers.
Question - what is the recommended price range for the surgery? My issue isn't that my ears protrude, but rather that they are huge. Even if you pin them back, you have enormous ears that are pinned back a bit, but the difference is minimal. You hear a lot of about ear pinning, but I don't even know if ear reduction is possible. Any tips or insight would be much appreciated!
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