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How many slits* do french suits or sportcoats usually have? I mean, british-two, american-one and italian-none seems to be the norm, but what about french tailoring? *vents, if you prefer the term
The guy has been absent for the last 4 pages I think, so it doesn't really matter anymore. Just for entertainment value.
Cheap RTW suits are made by underpaid, overworked, stressed out workers from third world countries, while most of the money from me buying such a suit would go to some corporate fat cat. I don't want to encourage that. If I have my suit made by my tailor, he gets paid pretty well, uses locally produced fabrics and I won't look like shit. I do want to encourage that.
There is such a thing as internet. In fact, you might be using it right now without being aware of it.I'm not american either and I'm familiar with the show.
I know, I do like the man's art and the way he dressed, not so much his opinions, but he was crazy anyway, so I take it in good humor.It was a long time ago... today, it's costume.
Well, I'm not arguing that UK is not in Europe geographically, but it is a different animal from the other european countries.
I'm familiar with the US law education system. Anyway, it seems to me that there is a big lack of respectful attire in american colleges. Here, at least, few students "dare" to wear shorts(even dressy ones) to class. Some american friends told me that some students go to class in PJ's in the US. It would be unheard of in, I think I'm not exaggerating if I say, the whole of Europe.
I'm not saying it's not. That's why I keep posting on this thread.Well first off I'm from Romania, left law school about 2 years ago. I don't think it's a regional thing, though, I've seen this in french universities too. Maybe it's european. Or, as I said before, it might be law schools, I imagine liberal arts college would be more of a jeans and t-shirt affair.
Well played, sir.Anyway, I do believe OP is a troll(google his name), but for the record, I had quite a few classmates in college(bachelor degree awarding institution) that used to suit up when attending class... some were pompous pricks, some were not... they weren't the wealthy guys, just so you know, rather the conservative ones. No one actually judged them for their suits. It was law though, so perhaps suited individuals find some kind of attraction to this area.
Just to clarify, my tailor is a local tailor and also a friend of mine, so no "man oppressing man" here Again, this event is more political in nature than, shall we say, a wedding(at which I usually wear a suit, if that's the dress code) and that explains me not wanting to wear a suit.
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