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My workhorses. Plaza punch toes. Daily rotation 5 days a week. Also, so happy I got on the Leffot #8 dover list. It's second only to the LS 4x4 on my list of unicorns.
Significant price drop.
They are. They're currebtly listed in eBay.
Just put in a preorder for my 10th pair today I think I may have a problem. In regards to beaters vs nice shoes for a night out my #8 chukkas have been to hell and back including nasty men's restrooms, mud, rain, and whiskey/mixed drinks. A little cream, wax, and edge care and they're still beautiful. Now if I need a brown I wear cxl, but that's mostly because I haven't been able to get many of the exotic shell colors.... Yet.
Bumping. Have worn them two more times (total 3 times) and they just aren't for me. Price lowered. Thanks for looking.
This pair has been worn less than a dozen times. These are first quality Crockett & Jones Westfield in dark brown. They were purchased at retail from Skyvalet. Bags, shipping, and box included. With shoe trees $400 Without: $325 Size is 8.5UK or 9.5US
Received my first C&J rcently. Dark brown Westfield. I'm struggling with the overall shape and elongated toe. I feel like I'm wearing pontoons.
A Dover is going to fit slightly tighter around the middle and instep. Same would go for a chukka or nassau due to the seam on the side.Lace a little looser until they are broken in.
Brown CXL is filling my ravello gap nicely. My favorite of the summer.
Today must be cigar LWB day.
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