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Significant price drop.
They are. They're currebtly listed in eBay.
Just put in a preorder for my 10th pair today I think I may have a problem. In regards to beaters vs nice shoes for a night out my #8 chukkas have been to hell and back including nasty men's restrooms, mud, rain, and whiskey/mixed drinks. A little cream, wax, and edge care and they're still beautiful. Now if I need a brown I wear cxl, but that's mostly because I haven't been able to get many of the exotic shell colors.... Yet.
Bumping. Have worn them two more times (total 3 times) and they just aren't for me. Price lowered. Thanks for looking.
This pair has been worn less than a dozen times. These are first quality Crockett & Jones Westfield in dark brown. They were purchased at retail from Skyvalet. Bags, shipping, and box included. With shoe trees $400 Without: $325 Size is 8.5UK or 9.5US
Received my first C&J rcently. Dark brown Westfield. I'm struggling with the overall shape and elongated toe. I feel like I'm wearing pontoons.
A Dover is going to fit slightly tighter around the middle and instep. Same would go for a chukka or nassau due to the seam on the side.Lace a little looser until they are broken in.
Brown CXL is filling my ravello gap nicely. My favorite of the summer.
Today must be cigar LWB day.
It works with empty Van Winkle bottles.
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