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any way to order the heather brown tie in 3.5 width? 3 inches is too narrow for me.
I am going to Hong Kong and am going to give WW Chan a try. I would like to get a lightweight brown tweed. I would prefer a solid or herringbone. Any suggestions? Does Breanish make a solid or herringbone brown? How about Zegna's shetlair book?
I want to purchase a WWM upland jacket in wool, but it is hard to get my hands on one to personally inspect how heavy it is. I dont want it to be too warm. Can somone give me an idea of the comfortable temperature ranges for a wool upland jacket? Thanks!
Does anyone have the Filson Wool Cape Coat? Any thoughts on comfortable temperature ranges? Is it comfortable in the 50's? I was thinking of having a Mackinaw cruiser made in this lighter weight wool to make it more useful for me, but am concerned it is still going to be too heavy. Thanks.
Put a scoop of oxyclean in a large bowl, fill with warm water, and put just the armpits of the shirts in, and soak for a few hours. Spot, then wash the shirts as you would normally do (I wash them on cold and use an extra rinse). The stain should go awat completely or almost completely after just one soak and wash. I have never had one that survived two soaks. It hasnt affected the fit of the shirt in any way.
Looking forward to the dark green.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I buy them as is and send them to Tiecrafters I thought about that, but since I dont live in New York, I figure that between Tiecrafter's fee and shipping costs, any savings would be very marginal, at best. For ties that go on sale, that would be a good option. Everyone, thanks for the replies.
Has anyone used Drake's bespoke process? I really like some of the designs, but 8cm is just too narrow for me. If so, how did you like it? Any hiccups?
Mytailor has two shirt fabrics called Zaffiro. One is called plain Zaffiro, and the other is Zaffiro Linen/Cotton. Is the plaint Zaffiro all cotton or all linen? I have one in the linen/cotton and like it a lot. Anyone try the plain Zaffiro?
I have a leather briefcase from Glaser designs. It is fantastic and myron was a huge pleasure to work with. I would guess he could make you just about anything you want, bag wise. the website is
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