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Not digging that sole. Shoulda been black.
Can anyone Identify the jacket MC Ride is wearing? (Black guy) Alternatively can anyone find one similar to it?
 I'm not sure if it's sage or olive, since they both look very similar, but I have a feeling it's sage.
Awesome jacket
Oh, you're right, it's an m65. But I mean what are the differences besides a parka being longer and heavier?
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one why would you want to wear a fishtail with no hood? Why not? People like choices I guess. Here's an interesting wool fishtail parka with a zip out hood as an example: http://www.tresbienshop.net/en/art/p...avy-canvas.php
The MMM's are beautiful. I was actually ogling at them a few days ago because the color and finish on that boot look remarkable. Too bad I can never pull them off.
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