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Do you prefer cuffs or no cuffs on your trousers. Why or why not? I do prefer cuffs, I just like the way they look .
Don't wear jeans ever is kind of extreme. I agree that most men wear them too much of the time. I also have found that if I buy a good pair of wool or cotton trousers and have them altered to fit perfect they are more comfortable than a pair of jeans. I wore jeans exclusively when I was younger, but have changed to wearing more trousers. I decided I just wanted to look better and updated my wardrobe. I still wear jeans on a rare occasion. Actually had to buy a pair a...
Gin or vodka in a martini, which do you prefer and why? I prefer gin. I think Gin is an acquired taste, because alot my friends will order martinis with vodka and make disgusted faces when I ask for a martini with gin. It is old school, but I think gin is the best way to make a martini.
I like BD shirts and wear them with and without ties. The trend that I don't understand is men wearing a suit and tie, but leaving the neck of their shirt unbuttoned. It looks sloppy and defeats the purpose of wearing a suit IMHO.
Sorry for not posting an update earlier. I tried some of the suggestions which helped the tie look better. I did wear it to dinner with some friends. However, I don't think it is time to retire this tie. Oh well, gives me an excuse to get some new ties. Think I maybe heading to Brooks Brothers this afternoon.
One of my ties slipped off the rack in my closet and spent several weeks on the floor. It is now very wrinkled. I took it to the dry cleaner thinking that a cleaning would take the wrinkles out. It is still wrinkled. What is the best way to get wrinkles out of a tie? It is 100% silk.
I received a $200 gift card from Lands End and I have used it to order a suit jacket and pants. They are advertised as suit separates. Has anyone had any experience with these products? I hope they don't look cheap or of poor quality. I used to like Lands End and bought shirts, sweaters etc from them very often. However, I have noticed a distinct drop in quality since they were bought by Sears.
I have a couple of corduroy jackets that I wear quite a bit. I agree with most of what has been said, if your office is a little more casual you could do it, but I don't think it would fly at a conservative law firm etc. I love to wear my corduroy jackets for casual events. I wish I could find one with leather elbow patches!
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