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the logo is not velcro, it's stitched. even if it was velcro, would you rather take it off and have the velcro strips hanging out there? you really think that's better? shit, if it's good enough for Steve McQueen, it's good enough for me.
I would say no, it's not a winter coat. I live in Dallas and it's more than adequate for all but the coldest days. However, if I lived somewhere colder than this, I would definitely not count on it for a winter coat. Great for the rainy fall here though.
I wear these. I've always been partial to the thick black (sometimes dark tortoise) acetate frames. they're a bit severe, but so is the whole look so I think they fit. That coupled with my bowling ball shape and sized head makes them work IMO.
Cee-lo's shawshank http://vimeo.com/14364821 there's a dirty dancing one as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod Is this the turbo? nope. my dad had an 85.5 back when new. stone grey over black with the phone dials. i loved that car. first car i ever took for a joyride! his preference was for that very car though, but the dealer didnt have it. Kalahari beige i think? with color keyed Fuchs. beauty.
check here. http://www.psautoart.com/index.php 964s rebodied into vintage replicas. they're awesome to look at but $$$$$$$. love the neo-fuchs too
I have a dyson and it's dreadful. the deck is so high it won't fit under the toe kick of my kitchen cabinets so I have to use the hose. it has no light at all so you have to turn on every light in the damn house to clean dark floors. (i have slate in the kitchen and bathrooms) but the most egregious offense is that if you have a deeper pile carpet, the damn beater bar will get wrapped and make an AWFUL noise until you stop and cut it loose. I've never had a vacuum that did...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I almost went to Rush's opening night but didn't. not a concert per se, but if you get the opportunity to go see the "Beyond the Lighted Stage" documentary in theaters, do it. I saw it here in big D and it sold out 2 shows. it's almost like seeing them live. be prepared for the nerds though. We'll be there. (the interview audio is way rough but the whole scope makes it more than worth the price of...
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 really good. still sound great, ultimate bar band. place help 2k and it was shoulder to shoulder in there. played a lot of their pre-major label stuff too. they ALWAYS do. mike is the ultimate fan's performer. he knows that the people who show up are old heads that have followed since AT LEAST prison bound and they play accordingly. i don't care for the additional instrumentation they've added over the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Probably a valid criticism. I don't want to go to "become an artist" though. I want to go so I have a degree in the field and higher eligibility for salaried jobs. The most appealing thing about art school for me right now is the access it would give me to technology and apparatus necessary for more elaborate sculptural, electronic or interactive pieces. Also the technical know-how to use such. to be...
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