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Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Hopefully within the next 6 weeks or so. I'd love to make them sooner, but we've had to push it out a bit to make room for Rivet Chino production. The EPs are worth the wait. trust.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty You have one? PM coming. lefty I should've clarified, mines a 67 230 pagoda. the 450 will have the few things mine doesn't though. power and a decent AC. Kuhlmeister just doesn't get it done.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay The downside to owning one of these is that it takes two people to remove or replace the top. It's heavy and awkward to handle. that's not totally true. That's only for the hardtop (which is INCREDIBLY heavy and awkward) but the soft top is perfectly simple to raise on your own. hell, ours doesn't even leak! not too shabby for a 43 year old car.
just got my new EP smiths yesterday. They look awesome. nice and minimal with no fussy details i didn't want on this pair. can't wait to get them in the rotation.
Quote: Originally Posted by wogbog I wanna see the 20 yr old oxbloods. i have a pair at home as well. i'll try and get some pics here soon.
yeah for a minute i though the was disagreeing with me but saying the same thing. weirded me out.
PMed you.
@ the moment
Quote: Originally Posted by Texasmade After years of watching craptacular and mediocre Texans seasons, it's still wierd to me when fans of other teams say the Texans are going to stomp anyone. try being a lifelong saints fan.
Superchunk - Majesty Shredding
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