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chronos don't mix well with suits as far as i'm concerned. but if you're set on a carrera you should consider maybe one of the white dial versions with a black or brown croc strap. straps are inexpensive and simple to change and with a white, or even silver dial your options on strap color are wide open. plus you'll save a HUGE chunk of change by not picking the exotic dial. I would look into a zenith elite, a baume et mercier classima or maybe, for just a bit more...
dang! i just ordered these exact boots last week. had i seen this first I would have gone for yours!
I have had a pair of these ray bans for about 5 years now. they cost me less than $200 back then. I know lenscrafters carries ray ban at reasonable prices and i think the one by me had these frames last time i was in. they also ALWAYS have those coupons on their website you can print out and save a ton on your lenses. I looked at the military issue versions of these glasses too btw. I didnt like the...
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 Who is that on the cuff link? Oliver Hardy? if so then maybe it DOES work.
I'm curious as well since they do look like nice boots. anyone have any comments as to quality and sizing info?
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