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Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh In addition they had some sort of gyroscope mechanism ( or something like that ) that kept the RR logo in the center cap of the wheel always in the upright position ( as pictured ) . This would be even when driving too. So it appeared that the RR center cap logo was not revolving when the car was driving and always looked like it does in the picture below That's standard issue on the new RRs. Kinda over...
Quote: Originally Posted by photoguy ...enjoy it when things are going well. Otherwise it is just a complete waste. damn right. I still want the Rangers to win it (obviously not in 5 anymore) but hey, we already beat the Yankees. That's what REALLY mattered. dallas hasnt really calmed down from that yet actually. it's been really fun. too bad we're gonna have to kill the giants tomorrow!!!!
there's a medical center here in Dallas that's named after a guy named Robert H Dedman. it used to be called the Dedman Memorial Medical center. It has since been shortened to the far less hilarious RHD med center.
It's okay, I'm still saying Rangers in 5. Everyone has bad games, thank god it appears that every player on the Rangers had theirs on the same day. won't have another for the rest of the series!
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman Bear in mind, MB priced this at half a million. It wasn't priced at the DB9, 360, or Gallardo levels. They priced this far above even the upper end of production GT cars like the 599. half a mill is 599 GTO money. and for that kinda $$$ you'd have to be off your rocker to choose the SLR over the GTO. of course, the SLR is trading at 200-250ish today so that is more in-line with the 458 or a nice 430....
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Lee Hi, I am looking in vain for a rigid jean with a slim fit, like a Levi's 514. Seems like the Levi's site is sold out of their stuff, so I tried some Skinny Gap rigid jobs today and they did not fit well at all--kind of wide in the hips and a little extra fabric in the crotch. I really don't want to spend over $200 and I do kind of like the Levi's vibe, but they have nothing available on their website. Also as far as...
Quote: Originally Posted by Man-of-Mystery I just wanted to share this. My favourite late-60s music is the short-lived "Rock Steady" - the one drop rhythm and the unsophisticated recording studio sound - totally laid back. Goes with the clothes! Groove to The Three Tops' It's Raining. my fave too. (as you may have guessed)
Quote: Originally Posted by shademore Rangers in 5 ftfy
My EDC. I'm a Syperco fan as well, and the design of the mini persian just did it for me. works like a champ too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Hey guys, Gant Homerun Jacket just arrived. We've got 7 pieces, including one XS. This thing is freaking perfect. Have a look: Homerun Varsity Wool/Leather Varsity Jacket: $465 This looks a LOT like the one I had made during last years Centralia Varsity-fest. love that thing.
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