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Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Anyone have any impressions on these? I have a $20 certificate from Williams Sonoma that I have to spend by the end of the month. http://www.williams-sonoma.com/produ...ives|cutchfchf I cant find out if the Higo Nokami flips open at the flick of the wrist. I got the shun for my birthday this year. it's a VERY nice knife but unless you're a collector, it's not very useful. It's too long to be an EDC and...
Quote: Originally Posted by heli0x Is there any consensus on which runs trimmer? In terms of waist and sleeves. I dont have the newer belstaff but i have tried it on. it is much slimmer, in fact smaller all around. the shoulders were too narrow for me and the arms are far more trim. I'd be hard pressed to get one on over a sweater. My Barbour fits perfectly for me but i have a pretty large frame.
Quote: Originally Posted by razl (whoops, reposted from newer thread once I realized that the real thread was here!) 2006 Cadillac CTS-V w/Corvette LS2 V8 @400HP. Although not for much longer since she's now all spiffed up for sale (link in Sig), but for now: I had an 06 CTS (black raven over black full leather) and it was far and away my favorite car I've ever owned. Where are you headed from here? New CTS-V I hope.
as a long time saints fan i hate to say it, but I fear the seahawks this week. we have a history of losing to teams we should wreck this season. (browns, cardinals, bucs) I hope the fact that it's the playoffs makes us focus a bit more but overlooking "below average" teams has been our downfall this season. That said, I think we win and win out the rest of the season for a repeat SB victory. GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!
you'd be fine. without question. the neighborhood around it is WAY more dangerous than the bar itself.
there's only one right answer for me. Snake and Jakes in New Orleans. It's a dump. it was a dive when i started going there many years ago, now it's a certifiable dump. And I love it there because of it. You can still smoke inside and they still serve Schlitz. CHEAP. They have shit liquor and cheap-ass beer and you're at the bartender's mercy as far as music goes, but the atmosphere is tops.
I'm bummed he's not staying in Texas (i live in dallas) but I had a feeling he wouldn't be a yankee. not after the playoffs. Imagine it, a team offers you an ASSLOAD of $$$ to play for 7 years. another team offers you a smaller ASSLOAD of money for 5 years, but still an ASSLOAD. the difference is, your wife HATES the first place. you wanna live with a woman who hates your job for 7 years? I don't. Cliff is a great NL pitcher too. A pitcher that can hit pretty well? sign...
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 They just don't strike me as a very robust car to be freeway driving in though. It's really weird, I thought the same thing until i test drove mine. Granted, it's not nearly as planted as my CTS was but it is deceptively sturdy. wide stance and a low center of gravity help it out quite a bit. I live in Dallas though, so my main worry is the random jackass in his lifted F150 or RAM who thinks side mirrors...
Quote: Originally Posted by GSquared You can get a new VW GTI fully loaded for just over 30. I'd take that over a mini. you would until you drove one. the car has no character.
I have a clubman S right now and I love it. In fact, I was supposed to pass it along to the ol lady this summer and get back into a cadillac but it never happened. The countryman is bigger than i would want in a mini but I dont have kids or anything like that so I have no need for it. If I had kids and the need for something a little larger than th clubman I'd be all over it. 40k is pricey but with all the BMW masturbation around this place, I'm surprised to see the...
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