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and another pm your way.
jackets are nice, but what do you want for the coffin cuts? or at the very least, what's the second one in that first shot?
i have one from fred perry that i really like. it's from this past season so you may still be able to find one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Do people really buy Ferraris because of their performance? if you wanna go fast for less, buy a porsche. If you wanna go fast and enjoy the sights and sounds, buy a ferrari. that's how i see it, and I'm a long-time p-car guy. flat 6s sound neat, italian v8s, or better yet v12s, are like an angel's song. if i had the 500k for a GTO I'd buy it over a GT2RS in a heartbeat. even at 2x the price. it just sounds...
I'm on the hunt for a specific attache case but I don't believe it's in production any longer. I posted a WTB for it bu thought maybe this would be a better place to find advice. The bag I'm looking for is the samsonite black label Signat. I've been keeping an eye on ebay and around the web but haven't seen anything save for one yellow one. (not sure I'm keen on yellow.) This is yet another lesson to buy things when they are available as my tastes tend not to...
also this :
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK Love me some Spyderco (have had a delica ZDP-189, native sv30, spyderfly, paramili D2, and a few others) , but I can't find any love for the kiwi. Edit: nvm- I thought that the kiwi was the micro dyad for some reason. The kiwi is a damn good pick Yeah, i'm not a huge fan of the Dyad either. No idea why really. I love the kiwis and the kopas though. I prefer kopas but the OP stipulated affordable and $150+...
you certainly can't go wrong with a case or a buck that's for sure. But as a modern option try the spyderco kiwi:
I'm interested in finding a Samsonite Signat attache in black red or tan. I believe they stopped producing these a year or so ago but I'm not sure. Anyone have one they would like to be rid of, or know of anywhere I can buy one? Thanks, -dave-
I had a pair of the 49s a while ago. didnt read the sizing when i saw them for like $100 and bought em. my brother now has a really nice pair of sunglasses though. my head's like a bowling ball and @ 6'2" 200ish and full chops, i've never been described as "subtle". these frames fit the bill perfectly. these and the Hollis if it came with longer temples.
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