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Quote: Originally Posted by hhenryhhh Where exactly does one go to get prescription lenses put into sunglasses? Does any old glasses place work? I've got an old pair of Clubmasters that I'd like to have prescriptions lenses put in. Will the newer lenses be of lesser quality? In my experience, it's hard to find places that will fit lenses into old frames. lenscrafters is the only place I've been that will fit them and that's only if you agree...
I've been skating for about 25 years now and still pick it up at least 2-3 times a week. I would personally recommend avoiding blanks and shop decks as they tend to be made in china of inferior laminates and use sub-par glues so they warp in humidity changes and they snap like twigs. find something that uses canadian maple (black label, zorlac, anything from dlxsf i think) and you're kid can flog em till the cows come home and be happy. alien workshop makes some...
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek +1 Absolutely gorgeous car. Do you guys think the new ferraris will age as well? i think the 550-575 and the 599 will age fairly well but the 360-430 and the new 458 will be more like the 308 in time. not hateful cars but they'll NEVER have the appeal of the vintage designs. the California doesn't even need time to tell. It's as ugly as sin now and i can't imagine any amount of time will help...
Seems obvious but bad brains-I against I.
you guys all realize that a GTI can be had for about 24k (28ish FULLY loaded) and the 135 even as a stripper is 36k to start? why recommend a car that's nearly half again as expensive? they're not competitors in ANY WAY other than the fact they're both German. if anything it'd be closer to the 128 and even that starts @30ish.
i bought a mini cooper S clubman a few months ago and it's awesome. they can be had for around the same $$$ as a GTI and they've got more personality imo. I did really like the GTI when I drove it too though.
the worst i've seen is one that said "if you're not supposed to eat it, why is it shaped like a taco?" Dallas is a classy place. but i think the worst sticker offenders are the people who are STILL driving around with "W the president" or McCain Palin, Obama Biden etc. stickers in 2010. so do you want me to go back in time and vote for _______? I'll get right on that. oh, and, maybe WASH YOUR CAR!
painted on underwear
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero The greatest studio album of all time. I won't even listen to any arguments that say otherwise. (Sounds better in stereo than mono too.) i think i posted the same thing earlier in this thread. if not i still agree. best studio record made.
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