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Beautiful. Nassau/Le Mans Blue is THE color to have on a 69s era Corvette. be it C2or C3.
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz Jay Farrar still shits all over Jeff Tweedy. Just sayin' +100000000000
yeah, it's been with him that whole time and until a few years ago we lived in different states. made it less practical. and none too smart i have to say. but no one ever accused either of us of being intelligent.
Quote: Originally Posted by ssnyc My dad and I have one of these we've been restoring for around 15 years now...still a WIP 1967 230 SL. british racing green (for lack of a better term) over green vinyl. gorgeous car, runs like a top!
Quote: Originally Posted by Salad Worst or best? Worst. It should be fewer, not less. Ugh.
New Paul Weller...interesting.
currently driving an 09 mini cooper S clubman but depending on what goes on in the next few months, it will either be passed on to the lil' lady and replaced with a '11 CTS-V coupe, or it will be joined by a '92 porsche 964 targa that a guy in my office building doesn't realize he wants to sell me yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero A really great, overlooked soul album. the title track of that record is one of my ALL-TIME favorites.
the okis are great. too hot for summer in tejas but killer in the colder months. mine are too fat now but i may end up replacing them with another pair since i like the so much. the "sweet jeans" i just got from SE are pretty solid too so they may take the place.
Quote: Originally Posted by drøn PS red ear thunder what do you guys know about these? welted soles? worth the money (around $285)? can they actually be used for motobike riding? i think i'm in love with those, please help me justify buying them. I have a pair of these i got from bluebee last year and i love em. may be my favorite boot i own. so totally worth the dough at 285. I wouldnt wear em to ride though. the leather is too...
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