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It's supposed to be a regular season. hopefully a hi-LARI-ous season.
nope. same voice talent. I've been waiting for this since the show went off the air. this kicks so much ass.
megan fox will be a great stripper.
scotch. lots of it.
burning airlines: mission control
I have a great source for vintage pieces here in Dallas. I'm happy to forward the info to you if you're really interested in going vintage. they're not cheap but they have things NO one else has. lst i was in they had 3 original papa bear chairs complete w ottomans along with my original florence knoll sofa with the walnut base. (i've posted a pic here previously i think)
The new DEVO record is streaming @ http://www.colbertnation.com/home If you're a fan do yourself a favor. it's solid. can't wait for it's arrival on Tuesday!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho She is most likely, like most bigger girls, a wiccan. Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard Is she a great, big, fat person? Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho She's a big girl, yes sir. Gems. this threak is full of Gems!
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Yeah, I've never noticed any lag on the 3GS either. It's fast enough. you will with the new OS. I've had my iPhone since they came out more or less, and with every major OS update it bogs down more and more. So much so that now it's not even going to be supported as a platform for the new OS. more tasks mean more power needed. personally, i just think the new one is pretty neat looking. I never warmed up...
I can't wait for it. literally. Ever since a week ago Friday when i sent my gen 1 iPhone crashing to the stone floor in my bathroom, things just haven't been the same. I really was on replacing mine with a 4 anyhow, now i just have to do it at the same time as all the fanboys. That I am NOT looking forward to.
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