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"If you want my love" may be the most haunting song ever written.
I use mine a lot. mainly to grill veggies like asparagus and carrots when im not prepared to fire up the charcoal grill for it. I dont have a gas grill outside anymore since i prefer everything charcoal has to offer, (flavor, ritual, smoke etc.) so if i do quick things like fish or, god forbid, hot dogs, i'll use it for that too. for real proteins it's always charcoal grill for me.
"The Endurance" a great doc about Ernest Shackelton's expedition to Antarctica. I loved it.
I got mine on Monday and so far haven't had any problems...So far...
Doc Marten 1460 and 1461s. I have a pair i got in 1991 for about $100 and they are still kickin. the new MIE collection is almost that good imo.
found another by recommendation from a friend. Bulleit Bourbon.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl despite the fact that it is ugly as hell, who in the world should buy this car? i would had cadillac not just released the CTS-V coupe. I'm also a HUGE fan or the old M coupe based on the Z3. that thing is ugly as homemade sin but SO awesome to drive that it makes up for it. (Full disclosure, i also love bulldogs and have 2 boston terriers, so ugly is king in my book.)
Quote: Originally Posted by Man-of-Mystery Without wishing to be controversial about this, to someone like myself, who was around in London (England) in the 1960s, anyone from a later revival is at a significant remove from authenticity. If you add to that the context of a country outside the UK, then the distance of the remove is greater still. This is simply a cultural fact, not an insult to anyone else. It is not necessarily bravado on my part to say I...
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