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wouldn't be down for black but i do dig that shoe. been looking for one for a while now. I'd be in in an interesting make up.
it's not too strange. some of us commute on bikes. i don't want to look like a dink walking around after getting off my bike so i want a jacket that works on and off. that said, i don't reach for my cycling gear when i'm headed out for the afternoon unless I'm going there on my bike.the transfer jacket looks great. likely to be my winter jacket of choice. Could've used it this morning since i got caught out in the cold ass rain...
def go rapha if you can. i have a couple of jerseys and a pair of knickers from them and they're all top flight with really well thought out designs. everything looks pretty good too
you haven't lived until you've been on the receiving end of some asshole throwing a cigarette butt out the window. i'm the lucky type, so the one time it happened to me, i took the lit end in the cheek. that'll wake you up.
Bureau has it.
I bought a pair of their hickory stripe painters pants. Though they're not as well made as most of my denim, they're way nicer than i had expected. they're definitely a fuller cut than most people here would like i would guess, but they're exactly what I was looking for.
if it does, i may be in for that depending on options. love my black scotch grain longwings but would want something maybe a little more rounded. dunno though. been after a pair of red shoes for a while but havent been able to make up my mind on an MTO for myself.
I'm looking for a pair of Hickory Stripe jeans. Any Ideas as to where to find such a thing? I've got a call in w the Stronghold but I'm not in LA so i can't just stop by and see them. I know samurai had some a few years ago and I should've bought them then. They had the looser fit I'm looking for but i'm not seeing them available anymore.
I just got confirmation of the scotch longwings also being ready, just FYI. I'll post pics when i get them.
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