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YYPH my first FW07 piece
Y's Shirt - Khaki with small color speckles - 53% cotton/46% Wool/1%Polyester YYPH AW92 Pants - Dark Blue - 100% Wool
Some video footage from Now Fashion
Indeed SS12 non runway, you can check these 2 pics from Shinjuku Marui
YYCH Wool Coat [[SPOILER]] I've been reading but it's been a long time since I've contributed to this epic thread. Thank you all for keeping it going strong
wool sweater
CDGH+ knit jacket YYPH AW94 wool gab vest YYPH SS13 wool gab pants
Indeed.Awesome coatsHow do you compare with previous collections David? haven't followed YYF.Also are these the Japanese Gods Fujin and Raijin? [[SPOILER]] Would love to see Yohji san play with Japanese mythology in men's.
SS 2000? I think Ivwri has the same pair. Great pickup.
Was wondering if there was anything intrinsically wrong with re-tapering because of the cut. I too haven't re-tapered but I guess it depends on the pants and the look you're after.True
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