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I was aware you were quoting.
In my days, "true gents" used to carry on their own business and keep their bemusement to themselves.
My ties are striped from right to left with no bond with any regiment. They are just ties worn by a person carrying on his own business.
Thanks, OTC.It can be the jacket skirt, since the trousers are not loose
Gentlemen, My fits have presented a recurrent issue: this gap between the jacket's hem and the pant's hips, as you can see. Should I adjust the jacket's hem or wide the pant's hips? Both? Thank you.
The 90's were terrible: wide shoulders, low armholes... But the wave of bad taste started during the late 80's with folded jackets sleeves.
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Allen Edmonds just emailed me a postage paid return label. They are truly a great American company. I am pretty sure there is no way to fix the boots as is, but I am sure they will give it a good try. I knew AE would do what`s expected from a quality manufacturer, like they are .
Quote: Originally Posted by officeboy I hate this kind of attitude for warranty work. Do they think they are fake Allen Edmonds? Maybe you made them in your garage and are trying to get proper grommets put in? It's just silly. They made shoes/boots that are failing in a near catastrophic way. They should do this; Apologies, FIX, more I'm sorry's and maybe some begging, (Please buy our shoes again, we will try harder etc.). This show me your...
Great stuff PM sent on that saumon.
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Japan is the world's third largest economy. Third largest user of crude oil. They are a major trading partner of both the US and China. Is this good/bad/indifferent for the US? China? One would expect the Japanese will turn from being a nation of savers into a massive rebuilding phase. But, in the interim, oil refineries are destroyed and ports are down. Every car factory is probably shut down. 30-40% of...
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