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I bought three last year and found them to be similar in quality to H&K. Selection is limited.
Dege and Skinner sale starts 27 December. Shirts reduced 89 to 59 and 4 for 199.
Thanks for the head's up on the Harrods card. Anyone dropping by the shoe shops? EG or Cleverley?
Well, its that time of year again .. London Sales Season. I just saw that Ede and Ravenscroft has a 20% sale today thru Saturday December 8. If anyone spots an early sale, please post. Many thanks!!
Well, you will quickly find that you will need several robes to cover a multiple of needs. Terry is great for getting out of the shower. I suggest you collect a selection from your favourite hotels - buy them don't nick them. A few that I like the best come from the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Splendido Hotel. My other robes are from Budd Shirtmakers in London: a striped robe in cotton shirting fabric for warmer days, a wool robe in navy blue with red piping for cooler...
unbelragazzo - This is very well deserved praise for Mr. Field. I first found him when I was looking to have someone alter two blue blazers and two suits from Oxxford MTM that had shrunk since I ordered them about 15 years ago. Amazingly they now fit better than when new and are on regular rotation - well worth the grand or so it cost. I next had him make a three piece pinstripe in a 11 oz Lesser. Beautiful suit. Rather soft in the chest and shoulder and the quarters...
Great article. Thank you. Really surprising there isn't more chatter about this guy. I hope to stop in and take a look at his shop next week. Cheers, st.tully
Bumping this old thread, as I just scored three Frank Foster shirts on ebay and am awaiting arrival. Does anyone have recent experience with Frank Foster? There is a website with a list of old clients - some are long dead - so Mr. Foster must be up there in years. Shop location is 40 Pall Mall - but google streetview shows that address is and architects office. Thanks for any info, Happy Christmas!!!!
Pictures of the refurbished Budd are now on the website. Looks like they managed to make it look rather bland - especially when compared to the old shop. Anyone stopped by to see it in person?
Has anyone seen the "refurbished" Budd shop? They were closed the month of August and have supposedly re-openned. I'm curious to know what it looks like. Thanks.
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