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I owned a wonderful Porsche 911 Carrera (996) for eight years but sold it and kept my beloved BMW E30 convertible, which I still love. I will never sell this car -- we are symbiotic.
I know this is the low board for diving into Swiss watch ownership, but it's all my budget could accomodate. I love the simplicity and elegance of the face.
The dress code was handy at Yale . . . when they were dressed. I had a Yalie roommate once who was an undergraduate there in the early 1970s. At that time, students took physical education classes in the nude (presumably to mimic the ancient Greeks) and the university Phys. Ed. department photographed all students in the raw. Nudity at Yale, especially at parties, is apparently a "thing" according to the book Sex and God at Yale.
Thanks for the reference to Crimplene, which I had never heard of (and hope never to wear). Artificial fabrics do make my skin crawl, and so do "100% cotton" non-iron shirts, which are obviously sprayed with some plasticizing agent to keep them permanently pressed.
We've all come a long way in style, but sometimes I think I may have been more daring when I was 15. You can probably guess my age group from what I was wearing back in those days: Here's a nice flashback to the Jade East days: And for what it's worth, I still own two paisley shirts that I hang on to for nostalgia's sake.
To all who have posted to this thread, thank you. Previously I wavered between "M" and "S" for most OTR shirts. I always used to opt for mediums, for fear of being perceived as the classic 98-pound weakling. (I weighed 120 lbs. back on those post-college days). As I got older, I began to realize that trying to "man up" to a medium was absolutely the stupidest thing I could do. The shirts hung on me like tents (I especially remember a few I ordered from "manly" brands...
The 120s Club Monaco shirts are, in my opinion, just the right thickness: not see-through but not too heavy either, with a beautiful hand.If you want to check this company out without spending the $128 for that shirt, I also bought this one, which is still on sale for a ridiculously low price ($29 minus an extra 30 percent off with code STAYWARM). The stitching around the collar is not as elegant as in the more expensive shirt, but the fabric is nearly identical and you...
I second Club Monaco ... their 120s Slim White Dress Shirt is my current favorite of all my (many) white shirts and I'm going to stock up on a half dozen of these in case they stop making them. One of the best-fitting shirts I've ever owned (and I am a shorter, slim guy) with beautiful fabric. This shirt just feels right, not something I can say about every OTR shirt.
Can anyone point me to some history on why/where/when double-breasted jackets were introduced? They've always seemed unnecessarily fussy to me. I'd like to know the full story, but in the meantime, it seems to me that they must have been invented so that the wearer could button either right over left, or left over right, depending upon .... what? Was it some sort of social indicator? Lower classes buttoned right over left; higher classes left over right? Or perhaps...
Found these on a random photo blog with no attribution, links, info, etc. I'm obsessed with the top shoe. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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