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My footbeds are fine and I've worn the boots a couple of times already. I am noticing they are might be a hair big at size 11 even tho I wear an 11D on the 5 last.
Free shipping still works. I just placed an order less than five minutes ago. You have to: "1. Clear SEVENTY 2. Add FREESHIP or SHIPFREE to the second promo slot 3. Add SEVENTY to first promo slot" Make sure there are no spaces after any of the coupon codes.
FiFirst quality outlet price is my guess.
11D AE wolverine 1000 (Krause) kopped from Jeffersonville for $159 5 minutes ago. Shipping to Seattle Monday and I hope they fit! Edited to say thanks for the heads up guys!
The lapels on my notch lapel cardigan won't stay down, and it is so annoying. I'm going to have to break out the needle and thread.
Yeah. I have the blue chambray. It's nice, but I wish it had side pleats on the back instead of a boxy center pleat. Oh well, linen is supposed to be a bit loose anyway. For the $40 I paid for it it's nice enough.Edit: I'm referring to extra slim fit.
Thanks for the heads up. I'll be in London in January and will be checking them out.
I tried two different sizes in the Malverns and could not get them to work. Really wish they would have. Will be trying Loakes next, and I hope I have better luck.
I'm 11D on the 5 last. Tried 11D in Malvern and way too tight. Tried 11E in Malvern and way too loose. WTF Malvern!!??!?
I have a pair of light grey flannel trousers from Lands End that, for $50 w/coupon, are pretty hard to beat.
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