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Call Striker VIP for the best.
I had bought a BB Black Fleece glen plaid to wear at my wedding, but it was borderline too skinny. It was a last minute decision to go with the J. Press burgundy, but I'm glad I did.
AE Patriots
Kept it simple. Suit is navy MTM from ProperSuit, tie is J Press burgundy grenadine, shirt is SS double cuff, cufflinks BB sterling knots, shoes black Ferragamo cap toe..
Just picked up some brown suede Patriots for $137 at Macy's.
My footbeds are fine and I've worn the boots a couple of times already. I am noticing they are might be a hair big at size 11 even tho I wear an 11D on the 5 last.
Free shipping still works. I just placed an order less than five minutes ago. You have to: "1. Clear SEVENTY 2. Add FREESHIP or SHIPFREE to the second promo slot 3. Add SEVENTY to first promo slot" Make sure there are no spaces after any of the coupon codes.
FiFirst quality outlet price is my guess.
11D AE wolverine 1000 (Krause) kopped from Jeffersonville for $159 5 minutes ago. Shipping to Seattle Monday and I hope they fit! Edited to say thanks for the heads up guys!
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