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There's an Ike's Place in Westwood
Mostly @jet, what are some of the best donut places in LA? Had a great cruller at Plan Check not too long ago, but I'd prefer an actual donut shop for convenience.
For LA people: the Marshall's in Culver City has a few pairs of G&G for RLPL tassel loafers for $300. One pair each of 9, 10, 10.5 from what I saw.
Nice. I'd totally pick this up if it were a size smaller.
Jos A Bank has shoe trees for $8.50 again, free shipping.
So this is roughly a 48?
Hi all, I picked up a pair of Fratelli Borgioli double monks from Yoox hoping the size would work out, but they are just too big. I think they would be good for a US 11. In any case, I'm offering them on the forum before returning in case anyone here wants them. They are brand new, other than wearing them inside for a few minutes. Includes shoe bags, box, and small plastic shoe horn.
Used but good condition Kent Wang rugby, white with navy stripes. Great shirt, just too small for me. Price includes shipping and fees. Approximate measurements: Chest: 19.5" Shoulder: 17.5" Length BOC: 26.5"
I know this is a long shot, but if anyone wants to sell me their navy Stark, send me a message. Willing to pay $175 for one in good/like new condition.
Darn, I already bought one the other day at $100. Guess it pays to wait sometiimes.
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