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I have a similar problem. My choice not to wear several cuts of their suits is because too much chopping would need to be done to either the pants or jacket. so for you it depends on how much you're willing to do. At least have a tailor pin it and you can see how severe.
If you zoom in on the pictures on the SS site you'll see that some have a subtle pattern. I am wearing P3458 right now and it has a plaid design. It looks fairly dark in these pictures, but in real life and bright lights you can tell it is blue. I would personally choose a navy (P2778) as my workhorse.
+25 = 4,543
Yo. Chilly out. Gingham doesn't photograph well in my studio, err, office.
umm, try on a bunch of brands until you find one that fits? or try made-to-measure.
+20 = 2,977
I never realized that a ticket pocket was a reason to pop the champagne bottles. Then just get the Sienna and party.Kidding aside, what are you interviewing for? that may be helpful for your questions, if you are actually looking for advice.
In my experience people either notice the ticket pocket or they don't. Obviously when not noticed it doesn't matter. When noticed, you get 3 camps...1 says huh what is that? 1 thinks it is snooty for an interview suit. The last doesn't care.In my opinion, you don't want to do anything that makes you stand out in a bad way. First impressions matter. You want them to see your outfit as proper but not memorable. If you roll in with Tom Ford lapels then you may start in...
You want this suit and either this one or this one.You're not going to want to order a size 32 if you have a 38-39" chest. The chest measurement for a 32 is 38.9". You need the jacket size to be bigger than your body measurement. I wouldn't go lower than a 36 personally.You should also go find the sticky thread about building your wardrobe. It will tell you to stop looking at peak lapels for your interview suits.
What if you pull up the pants a hair and wear sleeker shoes? Might clean up the legs. The coat is a wee short but not hateful. Just don't wear it in a room of 50yo's with dumpy Jos Banks outfits.
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