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If anyone is looking at the $399 Napoli's, don't wait. I saw one I liked and the sizes are heavily picked over already.
did you move into banking?
Sorry for the double post, my phone wasn't letting me put 2 pictures in the same field. Nice job to all you dudes who are pulling younger women. Does a 34 day difference count as robbing the cradle?
Search this thread, as there is plenty of analysis of SS vs other brands. There is also an article from a few years ago that started it all that you can google, comparing SS to a bunch of other high end brands. "suit supply armani" should get you to the article.---I think both navy and charcoal can be used equally for interviews and weddings. The ticket pocket is a tricky thing. A good majority might not even notice. Some will see it and think you are well dressed. ...
Too matchy between sweater and PS?
Post that in the tailor feedback thread if you want some better responses.
+25 = 5938 warm up sets for that get ready for other stuff training.
Ditto to what cp and steffen said. They are not hefty. While I like the knots, I do find that some of my older purchases (circa 2012) don't stay tight throughout the day. My new batch from last year are a little better at that,
Waiter at at a club?
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