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Sienna's do this same thing on me. Part what Beatle said, plus perhaps partly how the shoulder itself is constructed.
Based on the google images I am seeing for altan bottier, you are asking about a type of shoe that doesn't get much pub on styleforum. I have yet to see someone of the WAYWRN club to post green or bright purple shoes.
+33 = 93,333
Does it feel tight to you? Looks a little tight in the shoulders and body. If you want a trim look, you found it.
Has anyone ever come across an article that discusses Suit Supply's revenue or number of suits sold? I am curious as I have no idea how big they are.
Maybe because the pants look a little baggy it makes the jacket look like it doesn't cover your arse. With this size 46 there looks to be a lot of excess fabric movement all over. You may want to try the same size in a Lazio.
How tall are you? May want to consider trying one size smaller and possibly longer.
Look up the SNL parody of Jos Bank, which will bring you to the conclusion that you can just throw it away and wear a new one.
you lost me at brown shoes with black sweater...
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