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every brand fits differently.
For that price area you're pretty much stuck with Johnston & Murphy or whatever you would find at Macy's, Zappos, or the like. None of these will be considered "quality" on this forum. The minimum quality anyone here will talk about is Allen Edmonds or Meermin.
If you are set on wearing black then make it a tuxedo and do it right. Try Suit Supply,
PCK copied me yesterday and I returned the favor here.
If I cut my jackets closer in the waist then you'd see some shape. (and I may adjust that a little on the next go around with KW.)That aside, the tough thing about this whole general issue is that we're trying to make judgment based on a very small set of pictures. Those pictures show a set point in time, not movement like holding a beer, hands in pockets, shooting a bow and arrow, or playing chess in the park. I myself constantly have a bit of a bowing issue with all my...
51,040 + 75 = 51,115
A few more pics of the new KW suit. Lessons learned: 1) increase the chest measurement a hair. 2) Maybe a quarter inch longer pants? 3) Do more leg exercises. 4) Get better lighting in my office.
This newer one looks a little blue-er on my screen than the old. I have been debating getting a second, so if anyone buys the new one and also has the hold, please post a pic with side by side pictures.
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