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I'm in the anti-black knit camp. To other's points, you mostly likely would wear black to a funeral or a wedding. To me, knit ties are for warmer weather, for less casual situations (a viewpoint largely fueled by wear I work). Funerals are somber occasions, so knit just seems inappropriate. Weddings can be formal, so knits are again inappropriate, unless it is a summer evening outdoor, then maybe, but in that case you may not be wearing black. Dunno, just some...
I personally would pick the aldwych cause i like the side stitching better. "too sleek" is relative. Do you wear full trousers or super slim?
Agree with this.
Who are your clients? In what city do you work? Would you wear either to see a $10mm manufacturer, or the CEO of a Fortune 1000 company? In my neck of the woods, I would not. You may be bessed dressed, but my point is that the utility of those fabrics is not very high for many in the business world. EHaberdasher has to weigh the pros and cons of each fabric, and the more you get away from staples the more you may have people fall away. Then again, he may pick up some...
I think the Sienna has a slightly thinner fabric, with a higher S number, and may wear out faster than the more workhorse fabrics like the Napoli has. Probably just don't wear it weekly.$149 is the discount price. I think they were $399 before.First one looks like it could be worn to work, second is casual only.Trousers are the same as the suits, and we obviously have bought a few of those.
Thought interesting, neither of these are particularly user friendly for most office environments. The ability to wear them in any quantity could be hampered for many.
I think "dapper" is the correct word for this look. Fantastic.In fairness to a few people on this board, the thread IS titled "What Are You Wearing Right Now", not "Please Critique, Revere, Challenge, Mock, or Otherwise Talk About What I am Wearing Right Now." I know the thread has evolved into banter and discussion, so maybe a second thread is indeed in order for those who just want to put up a picture and not talk about it.
Also a thank you from me. I have a UK9.5 in the Loake Capital and it is just a little large. I thought maybe I should go down to UK9 for a Meermin Hiro, but if it fits a little more snug then staying with the 9.5 should be good for me.
My 2 cents...I personally don't like medallions on the toe of a dub, so I like the 2 shoes that I left in the spoiler.
I'd like the shirt better as a no tie casual under a navy blazer, but it's the summer, you're young, last day at the office, so rock out with your peacock out!
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