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RD - what about the Lander Urquijo guys, do they offer any MTM or bespoke services?
Look at the profile shot, the back isn't hanging straight. Could be that the waist is too tight pulling above the vents.
Taking the new Kent Wang pocket square for a spin, complete with scrunched up sitting in my chair picture. cheers.
It would need to be let out at the waist. If you lengthen the sleeves will the space between the end and the buttons look wonky? Is this a R or L?
I can't get these to load bigger so tough to tell the details, but general silhouette is decent. Is that a Euro sized 46?@PapaRubbery - the A/W will come out in Euro/US autumn, just as it's starting to warm up for you.
Furthermore, AE is a private company, not public. As a customer I choose to buy or not to buy, but I'm not a stockholder and don't think they owe me too much detail. Mediahound, please pick out your nearest $50mm manufacturer, walk in the front door, demand to see the President, and report back here if he divulged any trade secrets or dirty laundry about his company.In other news, my 6month old MacAllisters have started squeaking in the last 2 wears. Just the right...
Maybe add a little to the waist and hips. Shoulders look good. Kent will probably suggest to trim the "back chest" measurement. Is it tight or loose anywhere other than the hips?
Good question. I just stared at the fine print and it says notta to Black Fleece, Edward Green or cordovan shoes, Harry's of London, watches, or made to measure. The flyer is attached. 
My own 2 cents from an untrained eye...I agree with GMMcL's comment in that my initial reaction was to just give it a wee nip in the waist, which will create the silhouette we're used to seeing from you. Nitpick really. Great jacket overall.
FYI (sorry if this is a duplicate post) you get 20% off at BB on April 18 and 19 this week and a portion of sales proceeds goes to Make-a-Wish. No codes needed. In stores and online.
New Posts  All Forums: