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The shower. It comes with every hotel room.
^ Not really that hard for anyone who has worked for more than a few months. If he doesnt know what co-workers wear then he's not paying attention. If he doesn't know know what the client will wear then he needs to default to a suit. OP - I would not wear a cotton blazer to anything but an internal meeting on a friday in the summer.
What will the other people at the meeting be wearing? How old are you? Are these internal meetings or with clients? What is your position within the company (junior, mid-level, manager) and also within the rank order of the meetings?
Sign up for Jcrew's emails, they are sending out more and more discounts. Just had 30% off last week, and 25% off last month.
I have the Paris blue sport coat. It is definitely a casual jacket. I don't wear it to work, only to dinner or a bar with jeans. It's also one of the smaller fits so size up.I wear the regular in the Napoli. I bought a Havana in the regular and it was trendy short, so when I bought a 2nd Havana I got a long. That overall length is good, and I shortened the sleeves. One odd thing is that the sleeve length difference is more than the jacket length difference, as...
The stores don't do separates, if this is what you're asking. That cut just probably doesn't work for you.I haven't heard too many fantastic reviews on their shirts, more middle of the road. For a similar price you can do MTM at a place like Cottonwork, Proper Cloth or Modern Tailor and make it fit you exactly.
After you are done with one final round of rogering before she gets taken off the market, ask which tie she prefers. Wear that.
I'll give you multiple pics to analyze.
Probably, but why not just use a tailor near your house?BUH-BUH-BUH-BUTTTTTTTT I WANT FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now for my real comment...considering the price you are paying for the garmentS, is it really a big deal to have to pay $20-40 to a tailor to make some adjustments?
CBD cheers.
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