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Killin it homey. How many solid blue ties do you own?
OK mjrester and others, hopefully this is a little better side-by-side comparison of a Regular compared to Long. Please excuse any funky drape, as that is attributed to a) these being unconstructed jackets, and b) me trying to stand still in a robopose before the timer went off. On the left is a Havana model in size 38R, purchased in September 2012. It measures 30.125" from the top of the collar down the back seem to the bottom. I did not tailor anything on this...
Welcome. Now unbutton that bottom button.
Circa 2011...
Look back for my pictures as I have standard lapels. Also look for my pink shirt challenge picture posted Thursday night. That is one of my KW suits. The suits I have are mostly based on a 38 with a little 40 thrown in (so if kent had a 39, I suspect it would be similar).
The sport coats are fine. I didn't have to do much tailoring. They are both tweed so being seasonal wear I don't care as much about canvassing because I won't wear it out quickly.KW was worth the jump to get the fabric I want and the sizing adjustments. I am very picky with details. The MTM just feels great when I put it on. Instantly my favorite suits.This really is a hard question to project for you because no one else knows what you like, how you like to wear your...
My 2 cents, which is free and you get what you pay for...If you find an OTR suit that fits you extremely well and you like the styling and construction, then rock on and buy as many as you need. But I see a few reasons to consider MTM:1) You can't find suits that properly fit your body type.2) You want access to more fabrics.3) You want to adjust options from suit to suit (# of buttons, vents, flat/pleated, cuffed/no, etc).These days my main rotation consists of KW and...
X-post from (light) pink challenge. Cheers.
I'm in the light, less impact pink camp. A subtle plaid suit with a less subtle corresponding plaid hanky. Cheers.
I'll try but no promises. My wife thinks it odd that I post stuff for dudes to see, so I have to try to snap pics when she's not home.I'm a centimeter or so above 6'. Now that I have the 38L I like the 38R coat a little less. It's passable, but still trendier short. And i bought it because I was in the NYC store the week the particular jacket disappeared from the website, and they had a single unit and it was the 38R so I bought it.
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