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"Tight" and "narrow" is relative, and frankly personal preference, and you can't tell all proportions from one robo-pose picture that measures less than 4"x2" on the monitor, from a picture taken as I quickly turn around to beat the timer. Besides a little snugness in the waist, as I already acknowledged and causes the quarters to open a little, it does not restrict my movement, pants are not anywhere near nuthugging in the crotch or riding up my crack, and I can sit...
I'm the guy in that picture. What you see there is a 38R in the Napoli. I am 6' tall. This particular coat was brought in a little at the waist, a tad too much actually as you can see some pulling at the button.If you go with Suit Supply, at 5-11, I would not suggest a long in either the Napoli or the London. For a Washington or Havana, then consider the long. Both the London and the Napoli are more business than fashion. A very large thread exists on SF...
I'll add another data point to the great sleeve shortening conversation. The jacket i bought in DC this weekend was a (Havana) Long, which is perfect in the body but too long in the sleeves. When dropping it at my tailor today he said, upon examination of the cuff, that 3/4" or at least a "good" 5/8" could be shortened at the cuff before running out of space due to the functional holes. hope that helps.
email the maker instead of the try-er on. kent can get you squared away with a few basic measurements.
I stopped in the DC store on Friday and this is what I found: Suits - pretty big selection, pretty much what you see online, though I noticed more of the patterned stuff than solid staples. Definitely weighted towards the S/S collection. Sportcoats - less than they carry online. Mostly the Copenhagen models, two linen Havanas, the Casablanca, and one Soho. I didn't see any Washington jackets. Shoes - they appeared to carry just about everything you see online. I...
London then probably lazio.
Grazie. Howard Yount Gunclub.
Hoping the gunclub brings good luck at the track.
My name starts with an M so I'm good too. Bam!
For most tailors or alterationists the best you can typically do is word of mouth, yelp, maybe a message board. If you are worried, test them out with something simple and perhaps even on a piece of clothing you don't use much - have them hem pants or something.
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