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These pants are cuffed. Hooves are Santoni.(I got them on sale. Had no idea they were pushing $700 full retail.)
Ah, I see. However, funny that my initial confusion was that I thought he said BOATS not BOOTS.
Despite the crazy swirls you see on the lapel and shoulder in this picture, the suit is solid grey. cheers.
?Yes, you can ask for just a press.
yesterday I channeled Timo, today it's chocsosa. cheers.
That's too bad, because many Reps and Senators dress like shit.Funny, 'cause GQ is generally frowned upon by many SF members.
If you don't mind me asking an off-shoot of this topic..for those of you who wear suits daily (or 4 days plus a SC on Friday) - how many suits do you own, or how many are in your main rotation? I have 6 that I wear weekly or every other week (navy, charcoal, light grey, light grey stripe, navy stripe, navy subtle glen plaid) and 1 grey plaid that I wear about every third week. I worry that by wearing a few of them weekly that I'm going to shorten their life. If I could...
Do you really want to wear someone else's shoes? I'd personally rather buy new from a lesser brand to hold me over until I can wear the next level up. If you find something you like that is a little more expensive, do a big Google search for the specific shoe. You might stumble upon a random site that has that exact shoe for a discount.
Here is another shot of the tape, right at the bottom of the hem.
New Posts  All Forums: