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I agree. if it were SB I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
Doesn't the fantastic interior light and wonderful tan/yellow wall just make this outfit pop? (it's a navy suit, no separates close in color, despite the photographer's skills)
RDK - there are some basic fit threads, something with 101 in the title, maybe even stickied to all pages. Between that, the WAYWRN thread, the Good Taste thread, and even the peacock thread, there are tons of pictures and commentary on fit, colors, lapels, collars, ties, etc. People will rip apart details that you never even thought of.
I was wondering if the gap was due to holding the phone up. You're right, hard to judge unless someone else takes the pics.
There are other threads on NYC tailors so I won't add anything else here. There is also a big KW thread with plenty of info on his process (hint: you don't actually measure before buying).
Your collar points should reach the lapel.Half windsor is fine but no dimple is no good, and the way you tied it in general is sloppy. Many would say you choose the type of knot based on the type of collar. What you did was pretty much fill the gap. Some would say a four-in-hand is better with this shirt. You were probably just doing it quick for a picture, but just something to think about before you leave the house.
Small stripes + big stripes + gingham + solid = 4 patterns?
Sleeves are a little short for my taste but to each his own. Good start. Now you can work on finding a shirt whose collar fills the space between the lapels and tying the tie so as to not look like a Macy's mannequin.
You know you're down in it thick when you're talking about the relative merits of a quarter inch of fabric. Don't blow up the site.
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