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Once you hit 30, its notsomuch the weight gain, but things start to move around. Gotta keep an eye on your waist suppression.
How many pairs can you carry home with you?
If you like this gimmick, why not just wait fora a Jos Banks "Buy 1 get 3 free" sale?In all seriousness, MW is not going to get much love on this site, as others have mentioned. At that price point you're getting cheaper wool and shoddier construction. So before we go too far into the rabbit hole, what is it that is really drawing you to MW and away from JCrew or MTM. Usually once you go MTM you don't go back, so what don't you like about TaT?
This appears to be the Havana jacket with the lowest buttoning point. How tall are you?
By George, that fits pretty darn well. But the footwear.....
Could also consider 7086 from the Basics 1 book, AR0002 and 0001 from Ariston 1, AR0018 from Ariston 2, 4217 from S/S 2.
There must be something about the way I stand , plus these shoelaces really catch the pants sometimes causing bunching and bad drape. [[SPOILER]]
I hear ya, but it's still all relative..."failed" and "ruined" are in the eye of the beholder.
Been awhile since someone put up a suitsupply pic just because, so here is what I'm wearing today. Napoli that I bought in spring 2012. (excuse the slightly fuzzy pic, I am teaching my 3.5yo girls to hold the camera steady). Yes, I know that I need to pull my pants up. Cheers.
New Posts  All Forums: