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Yes, way back in the thread. It's one of my favorites.
And sometimes the young guy has to show the old guys that he's gunnin for them. Some would argue that showing up looking suave and confident is firing the first shot.
Mine isn't oily either, but I can see what u mean from the pic.
The jacket you bought has pick stitching on the side seams?
+1. This.doctorman - too many americans are fat. just because you're in shape doesn't mean your suit is "progressive". Fit has been talked about for enough years that as long as you're not sporting a Topman pencil-thin suit with the jacket cut barely below your waist, no one is going to bat an eye. Fitted but not tight is the mark of someone in shape. But as you say, everyone's view and sense of style is different. so my general view is to find what works for your...
Personally, I'd be all for it. The question I have is will you be able to drive business to your site? Really that's the big internet question at a lower price point. Will you have too many people who would probably just run to Mens Wearhouse and never buy your suit online, no matter how great the value? Or will you pick up the guy who begrudgingly pays $650 for J Crew now and would rather buy 2 of your $350 suits instead? Would you consider offering some sport coats...
I like showing a little more cuff, and if the jacket gets too long I feel like I'm swimming in it. Given that I'm thinner (`155lbs) I don't like any excess fabric, and if I look down and see a long jacket it just makes me feel skinnier. That's why I've also gravitated towards Suit Supply for their slightly trimmer/shorter fits. As for the shoulders, I hear ya. My square shoulders are just something I'm stuck with.
Taking the new KW suit out for a spin. Here are 2 robo poses and a closeup of the fabric. (standard shoulder, fabric 4237) (can't get that close pic right side up)
It works if you're going for the "after the big courtroom/boardroom showdown I ditched the tie for happy hour and am now catching a cab home" look. Better at 7pm than 7am. At 7am the formality of the 3piece clashes with the casualness of the no tie, in my opinion. But, it's a good looking suit.
New Posts  All Forums: