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I emailed this question about the greay lazio to customer service yesterday. Their response was still bland: "It definitely uses a heavier wool and is more suited for the fall/winter."Looks like shoulders and chest fit fine. Maybe a touch of bowing in the lapels but that could be from holding your arm up. Same trendy short-ness as the other Regular length Havana's.
Back to [my new favorite] the KW suit today. Channeling Timo with this combo. A couple of giggling 3yo girls couldn't keep the full body pic focused, or wait until I stood completely still. cheers.
Maybe Meermin or Cole Haan.
"W. Diamond Group, led by former HMX CEO Doug Williams, bought the factories for Hart Schaffner Marx and Hickey Freeman and secured a very long-term license for the brands from Authentic Brands Group." Was Doug in charge when HMX went into bankruptcy? If so, I love when new investors give money to the same management team that sunk the company in the first place.
You mean more stuff goes up on the 12th, additional to what we're seeing now?
I like that jacket also. And I agree that the stance looks high. Definitely have to go with the longer cut for that one.Though I could never wear it in my profession, I like this suit. I'm also a big fan of this coat.I wonder if this suit is flannel? If it is, why can't the description just say so?As Engineer said, lots of Havanas, which I find odd because it is their unconstructed model, but usually F/W wares need a little more warmth and therefore would be fully...
If you just had to get one, I'd vote for the second.
For those of you who have ordered recently - RTW, not MTO - what turnarounds are you experiencing? Skimming recent posts, it looks like 30-45 days from order to delivery? Anyone seeing better or worse than that range?
as in, you wear better deoderant..
So a steamer and some deoderant doesn't work? Those 2 plus Febreeze plus steam it again in the shower?
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