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X-post from the colorful shirt challenge. [[SPOILER]]
Usually I wear this purple gingham shirt without a tie, but gave it a run as a little more formal for this challenge. Cheers. [[SPOILER]] Question for you all...if I were to wear this shirt with a tie again, what other colors could work? I have a medium gray with a very subtle glen plaid that to my eye might be ok. Anything else?
The 48 is a little more classic for the length. If you want that length, the silhouette is ok, but you could still taper a little bit further through the body. I agree that the 46 fits pretty well through the body. You'd just need to clean up the pants length.
You send me the $ to pay for it and I will gladly buy a pair in shell!
Regarding the statement, I was trying to make light of the previous threads and how a tan jacket should be left in the 90s.Regarding the shoes, they are burgundy, not walnut.But on that topic, walnut is going to create a contrast with a whole lot of colors, so where does one wear them?
I hope this navy blue suit doesn't stir up negative connotations to when blue was debuted via a suit on March 12, 1961. I mean, that was, like, 50 years ago. Or shoes, which by some circles are considered to be a headscratching 2nd invention right after fire, when clearly the personal computer would have been a more logical choice. Cheers.
I'm not going to write off the whole company because a few one off casual jackets are not 100% wool or cotton. I don't think the majority of SF is buying the Copenhagen anyway, we all seem to be Napoli, Sienna, London, Lazio, and Soho people.
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