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My girls are getting a little better at holding the iphone steady. Enough to show that I need to pull up my pants. Shirt is a light pink. Cheers.
Depends on if you would rather wear a herringbone coat or a textured coat. FWIW, I have a brown herringbone tweed SC , and I feel like I have to wear only solid shirts underneath. I also have a grey tweed SC that is just rough textured like the Lazio you quote, and it's a little easier to change up the shirts.
With your two side by side photos a few pages back, did suit #1 have a different shoulder option from suit #2? [/quote] The blue suit has soft shoulders, the grey pinstripe has standard.
^ way too many crotch and butt shots filling up my screen. how big are those cuffs?
Hey Shinrouen...which lookbook has #7022? I can't seem to find it.
friday cheers.
Can someone post a link to this week's fit challenge? Can't seem to find it. Thx
These pants are cuffed. Hooves are Santoni.(I got them on sale. Had no idea they were pushing $700 full retail.)
Ah, I see. However, funny that my initial confusion was that I thought he said BOATS not BOOTS.
Despite the crazy swirls you see on the lapel and shoulder in this picture, the suit is solid grey. cheers.
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