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Out of curiosity, how do you get clients? People call you up and say "I dress badly, help!"?
Nice looking suit. Does the Tiberias webpage improve once you are a member? It seems haphazardly set up as it is. How are the prices?
Methinks you're overthinking it.
I wear mine comfortably just a tad above my hips. I just pulled them up to my belly button and the boys weren't squished.
Lose weight so your thighs don't rub?Did you order a higher S-count fabric? Some of the more luxurious stuff is thinner and could wear out quicker.
You live in New York, as in one of the fashion capitals of the world? You can find plenty of fantastic places that carry trousers.
I've had my suit from them for nearly 3 years now. I initially wore it once a week or every other week. It's ok, but I'm losing the love, and it is moving down the rotation. The shoulders, which are lightly padded, are getting a little wonky. I've had to have an alterationist re-sew the lining of the pants, and I've had to reinforce a few buttons. While passable, the fabric isn't anything to write home about (and I wouldn't expect it to be for
Stick to your regular size. Or order a bunch and send back what doesn't work.Umm, he pointed that out in his post.@lierre - you can both slim the waist and the hips if you are worried about flare or open quarters. The sleeves are tough....looks like you may need about half an inch longer...how much cuff do you like to show? and do you care if there is a little extra room between end of fabric and the first button?
I'd also do a mid-grey for the next suit.If you buy again from Kent, you might also ask for a little more taper to the ankle in addition to the extra length. I like the jacket.
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