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Ah, so that means this suitmaker company is making goods for multiple folks. Got it.
Hey Kent, someone is stealing your styling pics. http://suitshop.tumblr.com/
Big diff between rolled and cuffed.Congrats Kap. Orange shoes are apporopriate .
Looks very good.
I'm curious, what made you decide to put a cuff on jeans? All the selvedge rolling?
@zen91- you can have a tailor slim the pants.
Not everyone will have a good experience with every company so sorry that yours was not the best. I've stated before that my first two purchases, made about 4 months apart in the same model and size, turned out a little differently. The first needed no tailoring, the 2nd needed some nips in the body. This may not be the case now, but I thought early on SS had multiple factories, and I wondered if suit A came from factory A and suit B came from factory B and therefore...
Oh my gawd, the humanity.
New Posts  All Forums: