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I like that jacket also. And I agree that the stance looks high. Definitely have to go with the longer cut for that one.Though I could never wear it in my profession, I like this suit. I'm also a big fan of this coat.I wonder if this suit is flannel? If it is, why can't the description just say so?As Engineer said, lots of Havanas, which I find odd because it is their unconstructed model, but usually F/W wares need a little more warmth and therefore would be fully...
If you just had to get one, I'd vote for the second.
For those of you who have ordered recently - RTW, not MTO - what turnarounds are you experiencing? Skimming recent posts, it looks like 30-45 days from order to delivery? Anyone seeing better or worse than that range?
as in, you wear better deoderant..
So a steamer and some deoderant doesn't work? Those 2 plus Febreeze plus steam it again in the shower?
Exactly.The pants are the same. My phone timer is short so not much time to set in robopose.
Here are my 2 suits side by side. As noted before, suit 2 has a little less waist suppression and wee bit longer length. It also has the standard shoulder and no changes to the shoulder angle.
Dude has a sick closet.
Hot today. Cheers [[SPOILER]]
Herringbone from Herringbone...nice
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