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I also just made a purchase with the 20% off. Thanks for posting.
Hopefully someone didn't steal it off your porch. Gotta call UPS.
I bought a banana republic belt on sale for like $25 10 years ago. I wear it 1-3 times per week and it looks nearly new.
but how often are you looking at your belt? Is it so bad that people look at you funny?just askin........................................................................
Let me know how you feel about it being close enough. I'm about to order a pair of knock-around Herring brown suede and will also need a belt.
It's not draping very well through the body which means to me that it's tight. You also have some major collar gap going on. But I don't feel like the shoulders are too bad width-wise. The pants are probably unhemmed which is why the are long. Probably should try the next size up but you still might have the gap, and the arms could be too long.
X-post from the colorful shirt challenge. [[SPOILER]]
Usually I wear this purple gingham shirt without a tie, but gave it a run as a little more formal for this challenge. Cheers. [[SPOILER]] Question for you all...if I were to wear this shirt with a tie again, what other colors could work? I have a medium gray with a very subtle glen plaid that to my eye might be ok. Anything else?
The 48 is a little more classic for the length. If you want that length, the silhouette is ok, but you could still taper a little bit further through the body. I agree that the 46 fits pretty well through the body. You'd just need to clean up the pants length.
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