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And I found that they are just right. Conclusion? The pants are cut one way and how they fit will depend on your build. This shouldn't be surprising for anyone.
And now this is for sale for everyone. Might have to kop.
Noooooooooooooooooooooo the sweater vest............you might be the only buckeye in the Ville.
^ appearances can be deceiving.............................
I personally like the patch pockets, but I have questions in my own mind about how long that movement will last. I feel like they've popped up everywhere recently, which makes it a little fad-ish, or, at least the patch pocket's turn in the cycle. If you want a true classic navy blazer that you think will be in style for 20 years, then go with standard flaps. I am the only one in my office with patch pocket anything. And I just attended a regional offsite where about...
Any thoughts to offer a line of sportcoats at the same time? Hell, if you priced just the coat at $350 I'd buy it.
Like any retail store in New York it may be hit or miss depending on foot traffic. Last fall I went in there around 1:30pm on a Saturday and though it was busy I was still approached by many sales folks.Look at my post about DC above to answer your question about selection.
You're only going to buy one shirt and one tie?
I am confused by the shoulders. Without the jacket it looks like you have fairly normal shoulders. Not sloping, but not Kevin McHale square. Why is this jacket both sitting well beyond the width of your shoulders and completely squared off and then higher? This looks like a bespoke fitting so did you ask the tailor to do this?
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