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I'm in the light, less impact pink camp. A subtle plaid suit with a less subtle corresponding plaid hanky. Cheers.
I'll try but no promises. My wife thinks it odd that I post stuff for dudes to see, so I have to try to snap pics when she's not home.I'm a centimeter or so above 6'. Now that I have the 38L I like the 38R coat a little less. It's passable, but still trendier short. And i bought it because I was in the NYC store the week the particular jacket disappeared from the website, and they had a single unit and it was the 38R so I bought it.
And I think this suit is bad ass
The button stance on my 38L Havana is lower than my 38R Havana.
Last September the NYC store had about 30 fabrics in the lower price, and I'd say 100 or so at the higher price. Don't quote me on this, but I thought they started with the Napoli cut. All the better if that has been expanded.
Gotcha. I was trying out some new combos this morning. Point noted.
OK so more confusion from me....2 weeks ago I wore the loud orange madras tie with a white shirt and white PS - kind of similar to what Sander has but with an all navy suit - and the consensus was I needed something else louder. So here I am two and two....a little more reserved with suit and PS, louder with shirt and tie. Are you saying I need to fully rock out with my peacock out, or otherwise nothing loud at all? What if the tie was solid?
You're right. The right one is unlined so I have noticed that it doesn't hang with the same shape as a more constructed jacket.
ah. well, good luck with a resolution. I personally use CW a lot and am hoping your issue doesn't become a theme.
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