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If you're gonna say FU, then you gotta go all the way with the full suit. I'd wear a huge flowering PS too. Stomp around the office with your phone in your hand, Ari Gold style, like you've got somewhere important to be, all the while smiling at people in a way that makes them wonder "is he giving me a hello smile, or is he staring into my soul and is about to rip me to pieces?" Then grab the nearest foxy lady and start making out with her in front of everyone, lead her...
Is Canani a Chinatown knock off brand?
TW - Wear a t-shirt that doesn't show.Purple Yo.
It's a Brooks Brothers that I bought about 10 years ago.
I use it
Beatle - maybe ask Kent if there is a way to lower the waist in the jacket. It looks like the focal point of the curve is just above your elbow and above your natural waist. Though maybe the ticket pocket is deceiving my eye, or the camera angle. But it looks like the bottom half is longer than the top half, if that makes sense. Other than that, I think you and I like to fit these things similarly.
Perhaps people are giving you grief notsomuch because of your tie color but because you tie them so sloppily.
I'm with this comment. I have a relatively lanky stride, and if my pants are on the minimal break side then they rise up a lot when I walk, and could then appear too short. Most people see me sitting behind a desk or walking. Don't want to look like a flood is coming. I can see it becoming obsessive for some.
Nice of SS, but weird on UPS part? They state they delivered something which you did not receive, and it is the store's fault?
New Posts  All Forums: