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What you see is what you mostly get. After following them for 18 months, the only "new" items that I've seen show up mid-season are really just restocks of older staples. A pinstripe suit my disappear for a few weeks, then show back up.
Hey monkeyface, this banker is wearing a pocket square today. More purple yo. Suit is navy, tie is gray. For shits and giggles, my shoes are burgundy in an attempt, along with the PS, to break up the somber suit-shirt-tie combo.
Ordered a pair or Herring Readings late in the day on Friday. Got a shipping notification Monday morning and they arrived via DHL in Louisville today. Fantastic turnaround.
When at the post office recently (USPS) I asked them to price up a standard mail box to Madrid, and was told $35 or somewhere around there.
best coordination of boxers/skivvies/tighty-whities with your tie and pocket square.or, building off of what we just did, best non-standard colored suit. no blues or grays. dust off the leisure suits.
If you're gonna say FU, then you gotta go all the way with the full suit. I'd wear a huge flowering PS too. Stomp around the office with your phone in your hand, Ari Gold style, like you've got somewhere important to be, all the while smiling at people in a way that makes them wonder "is he giving me a hello smile, or is he staring into my soul and is about to rip me to pieces?" Then grab the nearest foxy lady and start making out with her in front of everyone, lead her...
Is Canani a Chinatown knock off brand?
TW - Wear a t-shirt that doesn't show.Purple Yo.
It's a Brooks Brothers that I bought about 10 years ago.
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