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I'm catching up on this label chatter. Are some of you referring to having a label for the cloth? Something like this: mrjester , you said you'd like to have a label when you spend $600 on something. I thought you meant the cloth label to confirm what you're actually buying, which I could see making sense.
Any chance you guys could snap a cloth pic while outside? No biggie if not, but curious what it looks like in natural light.
I have the Napoli navy plain which is a pretty standard issue navy suit. Does anyone have the Napoli blue plain? It appears to be bluer on their site, but curious if anyone has both IRL and can tell me if it's too blue for an office setting.
Just curious, what is your basis for this? Do you own a Suit Supply suit? Do you live in NYC? Do you work in finance?I'm a banker. I own staple navy and charcoal Suit Supply suits and a few odd jackets. The only time I look "fashion forward" is standing next to a bunch of people wearing 10yo Jos Banks suits. Are you saying I should burn what I have and assimilate?I don't work in NYC, but I used to. And also while in banking. The guys with money were always rocking...
Burgundy 1880 Strands
Are you committed to one brand, or do you have time to search for others? Brands are used to people asking for measurements these days, so if you find something that interests you online you can always email customer service to find out dimensions. Like someone above said, each manufacturer is going to be a little different. You might find a few brands that have better dimensions for you. There are other brands out there that have more sizes. I'd look at Brooks...
OP, given your age and recent entree in to the frat world, shouldn't you be asking this question of the ladies at your school, not some faceless dewds on the internet? Wear to class whatever makes you feel comfortable while you fall asleep during lecutres, and wear to parties whatever gets you laid. You have the rest of your life to worry about the merits of 80-count vs 100-count OCBD shirts.
I think you need to go find what you're looking for on this site instead of waiting for it to come to you. Explore, click, read, laugh, cry, learn. There are pages and pages and pages and pages of people wearing clothes and other people commenting on the fit, the style, the color palette. Look at WAYWRN and Manton's Good Taste threads, and the 101 threads. Put in some effort and you will be rewarded.
New Posts  All Forums: