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Purple tie yo. [[SPOILER]]
I have yet to figure out exactly what the purpose of that Christopher jacket is. Casual? 70s business?
Compare the measurements to yourself and then order 2 sizes.
Stopped in the Billy Reid store in Nashville this weekend. Cool place. Some nice fall SC fabrics if you're into a little shorter jacket. I bought this tie. It appears this is the only suit I am wearing these days. [[SPOILER]]
This is what I was wearing when a little bizznatch ran a red light and I couldn't stop in time to miss her. [[SPOILER]]
That navy napoli is going to be part of my xmas gift to myself.
Nice get up. But something that I've wondered with a few fits recently, with this no break pant, do you look like you're wearing floods when you walk? For me, I need just a little fuller break or else I see my socks when I step and it makes me think the pants are too short (I have lanky legs). Curious everyone's view on this.
Thanks. It's a summer-y color and today it's 92 degrees. Plus the motif is sort of a badge of honor given where I work.
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