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Some great looking stuff in here.
I +2/+3/+4/+100 that this shirt should not be worn with a suit.
Are you dressing for you or faceless people on the internet?(serious question, not trying to be a d$ck. for the record, I like both)
And get the roped shoulder so we can all see it!
From experience and looking at different pics, I hate ostriches.
I really like that burgundy hampstead. Since there is no true universal sizing for shoes, I'm sort of all over the place. I have two pairs of US10 Allen Edmonds that fit ok, a US10.5 Cole Haan, a US9 Santoni and US9.5 Bally (which is actually too long). This is why I'm struggling... If they don't fit I'm paying $60 for shipping costs across the pond and back.
I am also interested in a couple of styles - the Richmond, Reading, and Hampstead. I wear a US10 in just about every pair of dress shoes. I *thought* that equates to a UK9, but Herring's customer service suggested a UK9.5. Best to stick with what the seller says? Has anyone found that they should adjust up or down? thanks
A lot of high end stores want high end looking people in the shop. if you have tourists and teeny boppers running around it could be a turnoff to the real customers. When I lived in NYC I would often go suit shopping while dressed like I was headed to the gym. I personally don't want the staff to bother me until I need them, and looking like a random "just browsing" person helped in that regard. If you want nice attention, dress the part. If you don't, you don't.
You have to decipher from pictures, or email customer services, to figure out if some of the wools are heavier or not.musulinski, probably too late, but how about this or this?
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