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Herringbone from Herringbone...nice
Interestingly, I think Vox and Flyswatter's silhouettes look similar. (but it's been awhile since Vox has been on here)
Thanks for the comments guys.Short answer - the sizing is a hybrid between Kent's size 38 and 40 jackets. This particular suit has soft shoulders, standard lapel, 2 button, twin vent, regular canvas and full lining, limited pick stitching, working sleeve cuffs, 1.5" pant cuff. [[SPOILER]]
Wear the ones on the left, throw away the ones on the right, as time has passed them by.
If anyone leans severely to the left in real life, this is what you could look like in a KW suit.
I lean to the left today. Chicka scratch scratch yow that's what she said. Cheers +1000. [[SPOILER]]
You might want to email the guys at Haberdash about sizing, as they sell LBM. When in their store I tried on one of the jackets and remember them being fairly close fitting and not very long.
Might I ask, are any of these people wearing bespoke suits and expensive shoes with brands such as Lobb, Vass, Alden, C&J, Edward Green, or Gaziano & Girling? I might sound like I'm being a dick, but I'm trying to make my point. Just because my 60yo secretary said she likes my Mickey Mouse tie doesn't mean I'd wear it to the board room.In your pictures I see black (or is that dark brown) with burgundy sides and uppers, and brown with what appears to be a black cap toe. 2...
Kent Wang
First thing to do after you get the job is to buy new shoes. I am sorry my friend but those are atrocious. And you can wear many shades of brown with grey or blue. Take a wander over to the WAYWRN or Good Taste threads for examples.
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