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Exactly.The pants are the same. My phone timer is short so not much time to set in robopose.
Here are my 2 suits side by side. As noted before, suit 2 has a little less waist suppression and wee bit longer length. It also has the standard shoulder and no changes to the shoulder angle.
Dude has a sick closet.
Hot today. Cheers [[SPOILER]]
Herringbone from Herringbone...nice
Interestingly, I think Vox and Flyswatter's silhouettes look similar. (but it's been awhile since Vox has been on here)
Thanks for the comments guys.Short answer - the sizing is a hybrid between Kent's size 38 and 40 jackets. This particular suit has soft shoulders, standard lapel, 2 button, twin vent, regular canvas and full lining, limited pick stitching, working sleeve cuffs, 1.5" pant cuff. [[SPOILER]]
Wear the ones on the left, throw away the ones on the right, as time has passed them by.
If anyone leans severely to the left in real life, this is what you could look like in a KW suit.
I lean to the left today. Chicka scratch scratch yow that's what she said. Cheers +1000. [[SPOILER]]
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