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I have 4 suitsupply ties. 1 is 3 1/4" wide and the others are 3 1/8". They are all 59 1/2" long. I put them in the ok category. They are on the thinner side which doesn't bother me personally. However, my main complaint is that I must tighten them frequently during the day, moreso than other brands.
Have you tried pairing the green tie from the other day with this jacket and pants ensemble?
I think it is a combo of the stock pattern and personal preferences. I asked for specific thigh, knee, ankle, inseam, and outseam sizes and am happy with the result. If I wanted a fuller cut I don't see it being hard to make it happen.Not sure about the drape thing. All of my pants seem to look the same on me, and I see some bunching on each. I wear pants from about 7 different brands. Dunno
Fits very well. You should buy several more.
Isn't Century 21 a bargain store? Must be real shitty quality. There is a huge thread on online MTM shirtmakers. Many sell for sub-$100.
On Fridays we join the gunclub. Rock out this weekend, everyone. Cheers.
Looks pretty good. Clean through the shoulders and chest. Do you have wide hips? My only nit for the future is maybe to narrow the jacket thru the hips.
No client meetings today.....this is as wild as a midwest banker can get.
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