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You're right, how dare a business venture attempt to make money? Can you believe the nerve.....I know you are a small business owner, but this sell out commentary runs tirelessly. Wah wah. If you can find a way to make money doing things the artisanal way then more more power to you. But others want to grow as fast as possible and make their money and be done. You can't fault someone for wanting to be a celebrity and make money, the same way they shouldn't fault you...
Let's back up on the fabric discussion for a minute..... seems like a lot of hand wringning over a few one-off jackets. The US site lists 105 suits, only one of which mentions any sort of blend. Is the concern that SS is going to start using more blends and eventually degrade the whole collection? Or is it that these things are listed as pure wool and really the tags are showing differently?
First, you need to get a navy blazer. If you don't need suits, maybe get two, one standard issue and one with a slightly different look, like the patch pocket version that SS sells.I would think a charcoal blazer is hard to wear. Does it look like an orphaned suit coat?As for these two you posted, I would say that you'll get more play out of the grey one. If the first is as shiny as it appears on the website, I would say it is not "formal side of casual" in my book.
Most of the nudity was shot 3+ years ago, which is eons in this now now now social media world. I think they did it right when people outside of Europe were starting to notice the brand. So if it hasn't blown up negatively for them yet I doubt it will. Personally, I enjoy looking at hot naked women. And suits. Put the two together = I'm also 34 so I can't provide a personal reference point to the OP. But my first thought was also Tim Gunn. He's worn SS for the past 2...
Recommend for what purpose?
Except that it appears he is wearing it in ... Vegas? If so, rock out for a night out. But don't wear it to the conference the next day.Today. The little squares on the tie have little flecks of blue, so I passed on the pure white PS for the tipped version. I know it is not everyone's cup o' tea.
J Crew
I'd personally consider adding some length to the jacket, maybe a slight nip at the waist. In the top picture your left shoulder looks a smidge lower than your right, which could be causing the longer sleeve look. What I see in the right is how I like to show shirt cuff. Perhaps measure the length of the SS sleeves and compare. And put on a "regular" sleeved shirt, not an outlier. Another way to look at it is to just determine where you want the end of the sleeve to...
Agree, standard navy, but not a matted color. Yes, the dark gray is charcoal.
Who makes the tie you're wearing in this x-post?
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