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I think "dapper" is the correct word for this look. Fantastic.In fairness to a few people on this board, the thread IS titled "What Are You Wearing Right Now", not "Please Critique, Revere, Challenge, Mock, or Otherwise Talk About What I am Wearing Right Now." I know the thread has evolved into banter and discussion, so maybe a second thread is indeed in order for those who just want to put up a picture and not talk about it.
Also a thank you from me. I have a UK9.5 in the Loake Capital and it is just a little large. I thought maybe I should go down to UK9 for a Meermin Hiro, but if it fits a little more snug then staying with the 9.5 should be good for me.
My 2 cents...I personally don't like medallions on the toe of a dub, so I like the 2 shoes that I left in the spoiler.
I'd like the shirt better as a no tie casual under a navy blazer, but it's the summer, you're young, last day at the office, so rock out with your peacock out!
I was too, but then my kids started fighting and my thoughts about adjusting were sucked away before walking out the door. Buuuuut, open to your thoughts all the same.
I agree that it is nice to know that you are getting a fair price at all times. On the flipside, if you do sales, hell do them constantly (like Banana Republic does) so that you don't have the "crap, I just paid full retail and 2 days later it's on sale, screw those guys" reaction. That being said, I'm ok with a sale from time to time. I may think something is cool and may fit well and look good, but not think it is worth say $500. But that same thing gets cut to $300...
Once you hit 30, its notsomuch the weight gain, but things start to move around. Gotta keep an eye on your waist suppression.
How many pairs can you carry home with you?
If you like this gimmick, why not just wait fora a Jos Banks "Buy 1 get 3 free" sale?In all seriousness, MW is not going to get much love on this site, as others have mentioned. At that price point you're getting cheaper wool and shoddier construction. So before we go too far into the rabbit hole, what is it that is really drawing you to MW and away from JCrew or MTM. Usually once you go MTM you don't go back, so what don't you like about TaT?
New Posts  All Forums: