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Navy suit, white shirt, colors on the tie are lavender, purple, blue and navy. PS is navy gingham.Sometimes one gets tired of a white hanky. Didn't say no white PS with white shirt?Is it just that it's too busy? The other day I wore a orange-based madras tie and was told I needed a 2nd bright item to balance it. So today I tried the gingham square to give the outfit two items that may catch your eye, but within the same color scheme. If I had gone with a simple white...
constructive feedback. got any words to share?
Cheers What looks pink in this picture is actually a light lavender.
Cheers Shirt is pale blue, PS is white linen.
Tretorn Nylites. What shirts aren't banal?
Get your hand out of your pocket, stand up straight, have someone take real pictures of you, then post here http://www.styleforum.net/t/265924/the-tailors-thread-fit-feedback-and-alteration-suggestions/
How do other people around you react when they see a gaggle of grown men standing in a circle snapping pictures of themselves playing footsy?
The shower. It comes with every hotel room.
^ Not really that hard for anyone who has worked for more than a few months. If he doesnt know what co-workers wear then he's not paying attention. If he doesn't know know what the client will wear then he needs to default to a suit. OP - I would not wear a cotton blazer to anything but an internal meeting on a friday in the summer.
What will the other people at the meeting be wearing? How old are you? Are these internal meetings or with clients? What is your position within the company (junior, mid-level, manager) and also within the rank order of the meetings?
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