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First thing to do after you get the job is to buy new shoes. I am sorry my friend but those are atrocious. And you can wear many shades of brown with grey or blue. Take a wander over to the WAYWRN or Good Taste threads for examples.
Nice. Do you do something for a living other than sell Shibumi goods?
Fantastic!Are you sure the pants aren't just wrinkled?EDIT: Nevermind, just saw the problem on that massive pic set a few spots above. Maybe fix by doing a bunch of squats and building up a ghetto booty?
Do you guys consider it "vacation" if you're wearing the exact same thing you wear during the week? For me, vacation is swim trunks and a cooler of beer, with no suit or tie in sight.
Where are you wearing these brightly colored pants?
On the contrary, you now have 2 incomes, more to spend on clothes.
You might post this in the tailor's feedback thread. What also doesn't help the problem is the higher buttoning point. You may be better off with the larger size and nipping the waist and hips, but make sure the shoulders aren't too big.
It looks like the lapels are bowing, which is a sign of a too tight chest. Also looks a tad short, but that's a personal preference, and something I know about if you look at my Havana posts above. But the shoulders look to be sitting where they should, and the body looks decent. This is why you should always order multiple sizes and take advantage of their free returns.
Can you offer some brands other than Hugo Boss? This is SF, hook us up with some SF-approved brands.
You may be the only Italian I've ever seen wear charcoal-on-charcoal. Or maybe I just see too many Pitti pictures.
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