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Would be helpful to know what look you are going for....classic, modern, fashion forward...higher/lower button stances....higher/lower notch....skinny/normal/wide lapels.....more fitted or boxier....otherwise you're just asking people to give opinions on what they would want instead of helping you get to what you want.
I received a pair in the USA from Herring via DHL 2 weeks back and did not have a customs charge. I also ordered a pair back in I think it was March and did not get a fee, also delivered by DHL. fingers crossed...By the way, DHL had a great service this time around, I received a text and phone call letting me know that if I wasn't home to leave a signed note on my door with the tracking number, and they would deliver.
Is your question whether or not you can have the waist of an unlined jacket taken in? the answer is yes.
cool PS, where from?
I think it is a 3piece blue pinstripe suit.(was that not what you were looking for? )
My boys have plenty of room in them.
This thread already contains that answer.
I wear a 32 in every pant I own. Turns out, those pants are more like 33-ish inches. Who knew. Anyway, I used Kent's 34 and took off about half an inch. Worked out well. So get whatever size you actually measure.
Peeps won't like that massive triple windsor.
Oh my gawd more patch pockets the internet is gonna melt! Nice look Nii. I like Stitch's patch pockets on that suit. All I see is flaps, flaps everywhere. Change it up from time to time. Rock on.
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