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Agree with holdfast, it's workable but not fantastic. Do you have short legs or are you wearing the pants really low? With that small ankle opening you need slimmer shoes. Steam ot or have it pressed too.
When I pulled on this jacket this morning I didn't think that I would coordinate with this pretty pee yellow wall. Cheers.
Disagree. Depends on what you're trying to accomplish. To each his own.
Buh bye .......
How long ago did Schottenstein sell?
Go to the gym. Eat more protein.
If what you have is already to flashy, then you may pigeonhole yourself again by purchasing one of the 3 peak lapel suits. Why not a standard issue navy followed by a standard issue mid-grey?I have had a couple of jacket sleeves slimmed. Nothing overly aggressive, but trimmed. I would personally say have it done or send it back. If you keep it and dont' touch the sleeves, you may find yourself unhappy with the jacket every time you put it on, and you won't wear it...
I have wondered about that one too. I have the dark grey napoli, which is their charcoal. Look at the napoli grey houndstooth check. I would say this is your standard lighter shade grey, and the one you quoted is in between. So, not quite charcoal, but not a light/mid grey. 75% grey.
what would that $10k of cost run me retail?
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