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+25 = 5,801For you guys who do 100+...how many sets are we talking typically? And do you do them all at once, or a few sets first, a few in the middle, and a few at the end of your workouts?
C Man which tailor did you go with? Our shopping has not improved since you started this thread. But the Scout guys are opening a store in February in NuLu.
If it is noticeable in 3 pictures then it is noticeable in real life. But that wrinkling could just be the drape after being in the box. Let it hang overnight.Your shoulders are each built differently and probably aren't exactly symettrical. To me, the right one looks filled in appropriately, perhaps because it is higher, but the left looks a wee tide wide. Do other jackets look the same? The sleevehead is just a little strong. It's not egregious in any way in my mind.
read this thread, the answer lies within.the answer is probably no.
This worked for me.Man, they still have some stuff on there from about 2009.
+50 = 4,630
I have a similar problem. My choice not to wear several cuts of their suits is because too much chopping would need to be done to either the pants or jacket. so for you it depends on how much you're willing to do. At least have a tailor pin it and you can see how severe.
If you zoom in on the pictures on the SS site you'll see that some have a subtle pattern. I am wearing P3458 right now and it has a plaid design. It looks fairly dark in these pictures, but in real life and bright lights you can tell it is blue. I would personally choose a navy (P2778) as my workhorse.
+25 = 4,543
Yo. Chilly out. Gingham doesn't photograph well in my studio, err, office.
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