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Hopping on the navy suit brown tie train. [[SPOILER]]
PM sent as the world doesn't need to know all my measurements. But in case anyone is interested, I am saying +1" to the rise, +0.5-1.0" to the thighs, keep it tapered from the knee to ankle.
Does anyone have an easy way to stretch out a shoe a little bit? After wearing my new pair for a day, I am wishing I had gone up a half size. Just need a smidge more room around the outside edge of my toes. Will a couple of more days wear and shoe trees help? Any ideas are welcome.
For anyone interested in current timing....I put in my order on the evening of May 5. Late on May 9 I was told my order was complete and sent a payment request. I paid on May 10. Received Fedex shipping info on May 12. Shoes arrived in Louisville yesterday May 19.I bought this pair. http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2339They are very dark chocolate in color, almost black in lower light, but a nice solid brown in the sunlight. My only beef was a very small tear (
Might want to consider a 38R, 38L, and 40R.Might be the picture angle, but looks like the right shoulder has more prominent roping than the left. Does it cover your arse?
39,960 + 75 = 40,035
Really some of these comments are just basic. You either like brightly colored ties, or you don't. For those of you turned off by the peacocking nature of most of these pictures, let's not lose sight of the fact that just about every person seen here, save for a few of course, are models, celebrities, or in the fashion industry. They have stylists putting them together, and are trying to create a specific look. Or they are looking for a wow factor when on the streets....
Does the sometimes-always-never buttoning pattern apply to ladies? Just curious...
now we are talking about rimjobs? My this has taken a turn for the worse....
Bad ass shoes homey.I am loving these lighter blue jackets for the warmer months. Good stuff.- - -Elephant sighting today
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