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Great jacket.My boss wears button down shirts 80% of the time. He wears a suit 100% of the time. I've gathered that SF is mostly anti-BD "dress" shirt (at least with a suit and tie), so do his choices make him wrong? No. Is it my style? No. But that's what he likes, and it's not what I like. No logic is needed.
These all look equally dark on my monitor.
No, dead croc.
If anyone was wondering what SS ties look like knotted, I'm wearing one in this picture (under a SS Napoli suit jacket).
Someone else may say "too city" but I like it. Good looking jacket.(but your left sleeves needs to be cut at a 10degree different angle, your tie should never get off center EVER, the poof of that pocketsquare is sticking out 3mm too much, and you shouldn't stand with your right index finger pointing out...............just kidding)
You owe timo an apology for telling him he made the most worthless purchase in the history of the internet. Or wait, it's a great suit? I'm confused.
Irate - you should send this tie back to the maker and demand that they change the pale blue to white, because there is obviously only ONE way to wear this outfit and they better get their shit together so you can do it right.
Looks pretty good to me.
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