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Not sure about that shirt.....Yo.
Try a size down.
In the mail today was a catalog for Peter Millar. I am only 34. Am I older than I think?
I'm sorry to requote, but this is fucking hilarious.
My first thought was the 38L. If your credit card can take it, order a few sizes.
The search function is your friend. There are tons of threads already on this topic. Look for kent wang, tiberias, indochino, black lapel, j hilburn, modern tailor, plus you'll find many more.
Maybe have them tighten the front waist, because the shape of the back waist looks pretty good. I like it overall. Can you take an up close picture of the fabric?
Jacket length is a personal preference, but in that profile shot it does appear to need a little more length in the back. To my eye, it appears that the line from front to back is rising.
I have no experience with Black Lapel. Glad to share my general thoughts of what I think you're getting at, but if you want PM me with your specific question or how/what you're trying to decide.
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