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I lean to the left today. Chicka scratch scratch yow that's what she said. Cheers +1000. [[SPOILER]]
You might want to email the guys at Haberdash about sizing, as they sell LBM. When in their store I tried on one of the jackets and remember them being fairly close fitting and not very long.
Might I ask, are any of these people wearing bespoke suits and expensive shoes with brands such as Lobb, Vass, Alden, C&J, Edward Green, or Gaziano & Girling? I might sound like I'm being a dick, but I'm trying to make my point. Just because my 60yo secretary said she likes my Mickey Mouse tie doesn't mean I'd wear it to the board room.In your pictures I see black (or is that dark brown) with burgundy sides and uppers, and brown with what appears to be a black cap toe. 2...
Kent Wang
First thing to do after you get the job is to buy new shoes. I am sorry my friend but those are atrocious. And you can wear many shades of brown with grey or blue. Take a wander over to the WAYWRN or Good Taste threads for examples.
Nice. Do you do something for a living other than sell Shibumi goods?
Fantastic!Are you sure the pants aren't just wrinkled?EDIT: Nevermind, just saw the problem on that massive pic set a few spots above. Maybe fix by doing a bunch of squats and building up a ghetto booty?
Do you guys consider it "vacation" if you're wearing the exact same thing you wear during the week? For me, vacation is swim trunks and a cooler of beer, with no suit or tie in sight.
Where are you wearing these brightly colored pants?
On the contrary, you now have 2 incomes, more to spend on clothes.
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