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Recommend for what purpose?
Except that it appears he is wearing it in ... Vegas? If so, rock out for a night out. But don't wear it to the conference the next day.Today. The little squares on the tie have little flecks of blue, so I passed on the pure white PS for the tipped version. I know it is not everyone's cup o' tea.
J Crew
I'd personally consider adding some length to the jacket, maybe a slight nip at the waist. In the top picture your left shoulder looks a smidge lower than your right, which could be causing the longer sleeve look. What I see in the right is how I like to show shirt cuff. Perhaps measure the length of the SS sleeves and compare. And put on a "regular" sleeved shirt, not an outlier. Another way to look at it is to just determine where you want the end of the sleeve to...
Agree, standard navy, but not a matted color. Yes, the dark gray is charcoal.
Who makes the tie you're wearing in this x-post?
Purple tie yo. [[SPOILER]]
I have yet to figure out exactly what the purpose of that Christopher jacket is. Casual? 70s business?
Compare the measurements to yourself and then order 2 sizes.
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