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so IRL is it a brown-based mixture of colors, or is there a pattern within it?
For a length comparison, on the left is a 38R in the Napoli, on the right is a 38L in the Havana.
Would you mind taking a closer picture of the Havana SC?
Good catch. OP, have you had someone measure yourself again recently?
I will add to the madras bucket. Good timing of this challenge as my wife and I are off to bet the ponies this afternoon. (she's wearing a fun bold dress too, but that accessory got cut out of the picture.) (hope I don't lose points for navy pents. not sure what else to wear with a one-off seersucker jacket.)
In my opinion, shirts that arrive with drastically different output measurements compared to the input would be, in your own words, not prepared correctly to specifications provided. So if what OP is describing - 1" bigger through the body and tighter in the arms - then you owe him a remake free of charge. If you don't think those measurement differences are significant, then you at least owe him an apology for not doing a good job, and you'll probably lose him as a...
Navy suit, white shirt, colors on the tie are lavender, purple, blue and navy. PS is navy gingham.Sometimes one gets tired of a white hanky. Didn't say no white PS with white shirt?Is it just that it's too busy? The other day I wore a orange-based madras tie and was told I needed a 2nd bright item to balance it. So today I tried the gingham square to give the outfit two items that may catch your eye, but within the same color scheme. If I had gone with a simple white...
constructive feedback. got any words to share?
Cheers What looks pink in this picture is actually a light lavender.
Cheers Shirt is pale blue, PS is white linen.
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