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53399 + 21 = 53420
do you have any other pictures of this suit? it looks badass.
Unless you are in high school or younger, you will indeed look like a bufoon in that outfit. Black shirts are for the club, not a formal gathering.At minimum swap the shirt for white, and I would personally swap the tie for navy or maybe a dark plum.
I would also narrow the shoulders if you get another suit. I see the sleevehead hanging further out than the rest of your arm.
Perhaps suit supply is putting some poly into their fabrics to make up for the ridiculously fast shipment times. That UPS bill can't be cheap. I ordered 2 suits, a sport coat and a belt Tuesday the 17th at 4:33pm EST. It went out in 2 packages both on Wednesday, one at 5:27am from the Netherlands, the other at 5:37pm EST from New Jersey. One package was just delivered (Louisville) and the other is scheduled for today. Can't beat that turnaround.
This is some good shit, and would be even better shit if you tighten that tie.
Yes, no, maybe. Instead of posting to a bunch of anonymous dudes on the internet, how about emailing the company?
52959 + 3 sets of 10 = 52,989
When I googled "us suitsupply clearance" I also did not see any sales, just older items.I wonder if they are having production delays with some of the fall stuff. I've noticed some items have moved into the regular rotation but others have not. And a few items, like the Copenhagen Red jacket, now shows a November ship date when originally it was September.
All your ties would look better if you properly tied the knot. Below this notch this is clean. From the notch to your neck it is a mess. Tighten it up; single dimple.
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