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@f-tard....I like the color and fit. But curiousity question, why did you choose to go peak lapel for your second suit?
If the shirt were solid, like a light blue, and the tie was solid, does the PS work better? As long as the whole ensemble isn't too busy, I don't mind the hank, cause my eyes are more drawn to the little pop of color.
I just checked the website for the first time in a few weeks and saw a couple of new copenhagen plaid jackets. I really really wish they would come out with a standard issue navy blazer. Something right down the middle, perhaps London or Lazio fit, regular flap (not hacking) pockets, no ticket pocket, standard notch lapel, in center and double vent. I guess that isn't popular enough in Europe to warrant an "always available" run?
SS does certainly seem to be inconsistent with the sizes they share. I've found emailing customer service to be a good way to fill in measurement gaps.
My eyes can't get past those shoe/slipper monstrosities. And yes the 36 looks too big.
I've always wondered, how do you guys determine fit when all you see is barly half of his torso, a raised arm, and a cockeyed tie? Because to my eye, the right shoulder, which is all you can see in this picture really, looks to be a little large. But it could be how he's holding the camera.
I think there are some made in Europe, maybe Romania, but I heard that circa fall 2011.
It appears to be it's own model. Email customer service.
1791 posts awaiting your viewing: http://www.styleforum.net/t/250682/suitsupply-nyc/0_100
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