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I think the Sienna has a slightly thinner fabric, with a higher S number, and may wear out faster than the more workhorse fabrics like the Napoli has. Probably just don't wear it weekly.$149 is the discount price. I think they were $399 before.First one looks like it could be worn to work, second is casual only.Trousers are the same as the suits, and we obviously have bought a few of those.
Thought interesting, neither of these are particularly user friendly for most office environments. The ability to wear them in any quantity could be hampered for many.
I think "dapper" is the correct word for this look. Fantastic.In fairness to a few people on this board, the thread IS titled "What Are You Wearing Right Now", not "Please Critique, Revere, Challenge, Mock, or Otherwise Talk About What I am Wearing Right Now." I know the thread has evolved into banter and discussion, so maybe a second thread is indeed in order for those who just want to put up a picture and not talk about it.
Also a thank you from me. I have a UK9.5 in the Loake Capital and it is just a little large. I thought maybe I should go down to UK9 for a Meermin Hiro, but if it fits a little more snug then staying with the 9.5 should be good for me.
My 2 cents...I personally don't like medallions on the toe of a dub, so I like the 2 shoes that I left in the spoiler.
I'd like the shirt better as a no tie casual under a navy blazer, but it's the summer, you're young, last day at the office, so rock out with your peacock out!
I was too, but then my kids started fighting and my thoughts about adjusting were sucked away before walking out the door. Buuuuut, open to your thoughts all the same.
I agree that it is nice to know that you are getting a fair price at all times. On the flipside, if you do sales, hell do them constantly (like Banana Republic does) so that you don't have the "crap, I just paid full retail and 2 days later it's on sale, screw those guys" reaction. That being said, I'm ok with a sale from time to time. I may think something is cool and may fit well and look good, but not think it is worth say $500. But that same thing gets cut to $300...
Once you hit 30, its notsomuch the weight gain, but things start to move around. Gotta keep an eye on your waist suppression.
New Posts  All Forums: