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Cool jacket and cool collar. However, with this serious roping and fishmouth notch of the jacket, the button down shirt doesn't seem to fit the aesthetic. I feel like the strong features of the jacket needs an equally strong cutaway shirt to pair.
I have 4 suitsupply ties. 1 is 3 1/4" wide and the others are 3 1/8". They are all 59 1/2" long. I put them in the ok category. They are on the thinner side which doesn't bother me personally. However, my main complaint is that I must tighten them frequently during the day, moreso than other brands.
Have you tried pairing the green tie from the other day with this jacket and pants ensemble?
I think it is a combo of the stock pattern and personal preferences. I asked for specific thigh, knee, ankle, inseam, and outseam sizes and am happy with the result. If I wanted a fuller cut I don't see it being hard to make it happen.Not sure about the drape thing. All of my pants seem to look the same on me, and I see some bunching on each. I wear pants from about 7 different brands. Dunno
Fits very well. You should buy several more.
Isn't Century 21 a bargain store? Must be real shitty quality. There is a huge thread on online MTM shirtmakers. Many sell for sub-$100.
On Fridays we join the gunclub. Rock out this weekend, everyone. Cheers.
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