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Agreed. Which means he needs to find a maker that better suits his body. My 2 cents
Like aravenal said, I wouldn't wear it for the ultra-important meeting, but it's a good looking suit. That being said, I wouldn't buy this before I had a standard-issue navy pinstripe (these stripes are blue, no?) plus the other basics.
Who makes this it off the rack or made-to-measure (indochino?) . Those shoulders are in pretty bad shape.
Kick ass. I hope you are golfing later.
Funny you say that...just this morning my 3yo asked me where her favorite doll was. I had seen her playing with the doll 30 minutes before this question was posed. Being the good parent that I am, one who teaches by providing the tools to cultivate exploration and curiosity, and helping them work through the logic on their own, I suggested that she walk to the rooms that she had been already and see if the doll was in any of them. Alas, she comes running out of the...
This is the type of shirt that you either love or hate. Personally I don't mind it, though I probably wouldn't wear a tie with it.
Civility does not always exist in anonymous web settings. Sorry to burst your bubble.I said 40 POSTS ago, not pages. Should take you all of 5 minutes to skim the last 200 posts really. There is also a search function - within the thread and broadly on SF.If you had added "After visiting the store I discovered the Havana online. I am bummed I missed them in the store. Would anyone know how they fit compared to the Washington?" then we would have enough context to realize...
I wear my Havana's to the office a lot. My coworkers wear JosBanks and Brooks. No one has ever made a comment about the patch in a negative way. My 2 cents.I think it looks like a blue cotton DB blazer. On sale. "What do you think" is too broad. do I think it would be good for a job at McDonalds? No. Do I think my boss will wear it? No. Would a dog like to roll around on it? Maybe. What are you specifically asking?Um, why didn't you try on the Havana...
I have working cuffs on my 3 KW suits.
This may be a stupid question, but how are you ordering sportcoats? On their website I only see shirts, pants, and accessories.
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