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KW #3. Fabric TR7086 from the Basics Four Seasons 1 book, standard shoulder, twin vent, limited pick stitching, working cuffs, zipper. Needs some steaming but I wanted to wear it today. Cheers.
You ain't gonna find much here.
Who makes said comfy pents?Yo. We need more parking garage lighting up in here.(there is a reason the PS is folded like this. I know it is not SF approved. No hate pls).
I just bought a Fitz sportcoat and I went with a 39R. I wear a 38R in SS Napoli.It feels just a little bit thicker than the 2 wool-only Havanas that I have. Very soft. But also only partially lined. Despite the lack of lining, it might be too heavy for the summer, but I could probably wear it for nearly 3 seasons.The tag says 90% wool and 10% cashmere.With this order I bought a new Napoli suit. My other 2 are both 38R, and for comparison I also bought a 38L. The...
Part of what arrived this week is this Havana sportcoat. I'm a big fan already. It is grey based with some brown in the check and can be worn with grey, navy, and brown trousers. Also, compared to the plain blue Havana blazer in the same size that I bought in the spring, the length is about half an inch longer, and the button stance is half an inch lower.
53399 + 21 = 53420
do you have any other pictures of this suit? it looks badass.
Unless you are in high school or younger, you will indeed look like a bufoon in that outfit. Black shirts are for the club, not a formal gathering.At minimum swap the shirt for white, and I would personally swap the tie for navy or maybe a dark plum.
I would also narrow the shoulders if you get another suit. I see the sleevehead hanging further out than the rest of your arm.
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