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Wale, ahem Ikire Jones?
@ mxtwoforty - I also like the Sienna fit a little better than the Napoli. The overall length isn't too long (unless you want a super duper fashion forward Topman-styled coat) but I would shorten the sleeves and bring in the waist. @ Displacement - the answer depends on how much shirt cuff you want to show. What we see in this picture is more than most wear but it isn't Jethro looking. But with the functional there is only so far you can take it. You could probably add...
There is a massive thread on Suit Supply, with pictures, comments, list of models, etc. The brand is generally becoming considered a good place to start. I've heard pretty good things about the Benjamin suits. It's not quite as accepted on the forums, but you could also look into the JCrew Ludlow suits. Given your frame, perhaps the skinnier lapels and lower button stance could elongate your appearance.
Don't fly all the way to New York to go to Dillards.
I don't think it is too long. But what I did notice is the flared bootcut pants. Don't see that around here very often.
When I was in the NYC store in September there was not anything on sale. But that was just one instance.
I'll be in DC the weekend after, hoping to do the same thing. Let me know if they are carrying a bunch of sizes in the Havana's.
In every single one of those pictures I see shirt cuff somewhere. At worst you need 3/8ths to half inch shortened which shouldn't make the buttons look bad. I'm no tailor, but maybe the higher button stance makes it feel full in the chest. dunno. does it feel full? Post in the tailor thread.(sounds like you're trying to talk yourself out of it. Just send it back if you don't like it. better to pass on it than second guess the purchase every time you put on the suit.
One of your arms is showing shirt cuff and you think that the jacket sleeve is too long? hmmI wonder if the misalignment is due to his lower right shoulder.I haven't noticed any construction issues in my 2 suits and 2 jackets. When you mass produce something is bound to get through QC from time to time.
RD - what about the Lander Urquijo guys, do they offer any MTM or bespoke services?
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