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The search function is your friend. There are tons of threads already on this topic. Look for kent wang, tiberias, indochino, black lapel, j hilburn, modern tailor, plus you'll find many more.
Maybe have them tighten the front waist, because the shape of the back waist looks pretty good. I like it overall. Can you take an up close picture of the fabric?
Jacket length is a personal preference, but in that profile shot it does appear to need a little more length in the back. To my eye, it appears that the line from front to back is rising.
I have no experience with Black Lapel. Glad to share my general thoughts of what I think you're getting at, but if you want PM me with your specific question or how/what you're trying to decide.
Try the next size down?
Red, white and blue (and charcoal) today. Dos a cero. (sorry betelgeuse)
I'm pretty sure Schottenstein started the business by buying a production facility in China. So he was partially vertical. But you're right, other parts of the chain he was missing.
Awesome. And complete with the "did you really just question my pocket square" look.Is the guy in the middle doing a Fonzie inpersonation? (does he own the company that makes the tie with the 7 on it, or does he just buy the whole collection?)
The rising sunlight really made the lighter shade of this tie pop, but I assure you it is a standard light blue, not electric koolaid. Cheers.
New Posts  All Forums: