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Ah, I see those pics on the other thread. You appear to be stocky but not wide shouldered. I bet the 38 shoulders were too wide also. Hmm. I think Thick as Thieves caters to shorter guys.
Fokking fantastic post.So what if I work(ed) at a firm that was bulge size but just outside of the top 5 in most categories, more like 6-10 ranking? You don't want my advice? Am I double excluded because I was in LevFin and not M&A?Since you are probably better intentioned than your 2nd post shows, here is my advice: you need a shirt that will still feel great when it is on its 34th hour of continuous wear. And you need shoes that will look good as you stand on the...
Why does the salesmen say a SS or BB needs to be remade? You aren't that petite. What are they suggesting to be changed?
What clothing are you primarily wearing to work? Suits? Chinos and button down? Wool trousers with blazers? If suits, I would not add any other loafers. If this helps, my own rotation includes a black cap toe, black wingtip, dark brown wingtip, walnut semi-brogue, dark brown dub monk, burgundy semi-brogue. I wear suits most days to work. I also have a medium brown standard-issue loafer that I very infrequently wear to work during the summer. BTW, I think that blue...
Where are you wearing these jackets? I like brown tweed as a possibility. Charcoal is hard to use as an odd jacket. A lighter grey tweed would be my replacement for that. Don't forget patterns. I'm personally on a plaid kick myself to round out my sportcoat lineup. I don't think corduroy is a good next option if you want versatility. If you literally just want to wear it on the weekend as more of a casual throw on jacket, then I guess it's ok. But if you plan to...
mcobinad - spoilers please.Yo. Office lighting. Boom. [[SPOILER]]
54664 + 30 = 54694,en_US,pd.html?start=1&cgid=Suits&prefn1=styleFit&prefv1=Classic-Lazio
Sorry for dunce reply, but do you wear deoderant and undershirts? I think 2001 would be a medium gray/
@jimanchower - do all of your shirts have sleeves that long? To me, they look a little long. I'd check other shirts before touching the jacket. It would be helpful to determine length (to getto's long or regular comment) if you also wore the suit pants.
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