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Hoping the gunclub brings good luck at the track.
My name starts with an M so I'm good too. Bam!
For most tailors or alterationists the best you can typically do is word of mouth, yelp, maybe a message board. If you are worried, test them out with something simple and perhaps even on a piece of clothing you don't use much - have them hem pants or something.
Usually not a good idea to wash blazers yourself no matter the material. Why are you cleaning it? Cause you wore it once or because there is a stain? If no stains then just steam it.
Hey Lavoisier - if you're this worried about shipping then maybe you should try customer service instead of internet message boards. Just sayin...
Not impossible when they provide a preprinted return label.
And what is listed may not always be what shows up. My 2 suits are the same cut and size from the same season, and one I had to tailor the body the other I didn't. go figure. BUT, shoulders, length, sleeves, chest were all the same.
I like the length.
Free advice so you get what you pay for...I can't tell if the shoulders are wide or if it I am seeing a shadow. Personally, I'd lengthen the right sleeve about a quarter inch and lengthen the pants, unless you're going for the modern short look. Maybe a wee slimming of the waist and hips of the jacket. If the shoulders are good, the these other things are simple at your local tailor.
I struggle to buy from websites that a) have mis-spellings on the front page, and b) can't style their models. Personal preference, but if you're going to show me a lookbook full of buttoned bottom buttons or too long sleeves, I worry.For that price, Suitsupply is canvassed and pick stitched.
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