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Quick poll, how many of you own burgundy pants?http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/the-16587/Benjamin-Sartorial-Sport-Coat-cln-/Detail
+25 + 30 = 7,306
Without seeing it in person, I'd guess you could probably could wear with tan, brown, lighter gray, and the SF-not-approved navy.
I always get wood in the store. I mean, how couldn't you, the materials are so nice and the lighting and layout divine!
If the tailor thread is active you may want to post this question there, where trained tailors lurk and often answer from their point of view.My 2 cents, the Lazios look fine. Do they feel too big thru the chest or waist? If so, obviously you can alter to an extent.
The sox have handlebar mustaches on them. HANDLEBAR MUSTACHES!
New ehaberdasher coat. Taking pics in my office is hit or miss with lighting...the color in the bottom picture is a better representation.
Yo Colors are better represented in the 2nd and 3rd pics. Socks were chosen by a couple of 5yo's.
Is Ace on Bardstown Road? How are they to deal with...do they make suggestions? do they listen to you? are they hardheaded about anything? Did you ever try London on Shelbyville Rd? I haven't used the British guys in a while. Most of my recent work has been pretty simple sleeve and cuff length adjustments, for which I use an alterationist up by the Summit because I live over there. British used to be pretty fast but the last thing I had them do (fall 2013) took a lot...
I have a washed green cotton jacket. I have not noticed any rubbing of green onto anything I wear. Then again, I have only worn it with dark selvedge jeans.
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