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5-10 minutes????? FIVE TO TEN MINUTES ARE YOU SERIOUS????? OMG CLAY AIKEN!!!!!!!Kidding. Good feedback here.
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I am mostly wearing sportcoats to work so I keep with the same shirts that I would also wear with a suit. On Fridays or for dinner I may wear a more colorful gingham or check or stripe. So the answer is, it depends on where you are wearing it.
I can get a decent dimple, but I do notice they don't hold the knot very well throughout the day. I find myself having to tighten and re-adjust frequently.As for quality, I'd place them in an average bucket. So at an equally average price, you could consider it a decent buy.But if you're looking for something that will make the ladies' panties drop, these probably won't do it.
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Nice job recreating the Timotune photo style too.
I think they look good on the mannequin, but and and in the real life pictures. Collar gaps, wonky shoulders..they don't seem to "wear" very well.
to me it would depend on the sheen of the fabric in person. As for this color as an odd jacket, I like it.Hey dooods, please spoiler the pictures in responses.
Looks pretty bright to me. If you're an accountant in St Louis I would not suggest it for work.
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