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since you can't afford both, you could always order one and exchange if that size isn't good. I'd probably go with the smaller size first myself because you may be swimming in the chest of that larger size.I would not recommend messing with jacket length. sleeve length is fine to adjust.
+75 = 27,560
My last 2 orders said 8lbs for 1 suit, 10lbs for 1 suit and a box with 2 ties.
Start by comparing your shoulder width to the stated measurements.
But the numbers didn't change.
+32 = 23,496
I have also seen this. My first 2 purchases in 2012 were Napolis. Most jacket measurements were the same except for the waist. I didn't have to touch it on one jacket, but had to have the other taken in. The pants that matched the no-alter jacket have a slightly fuller thigh and seat cut. A Napoli I bought last fall had the same general dimensions as the no-alter jacket before, but the sleeves were about 3/8" shorter.SS uses multiple manufacturing facilities. I...
+37 = 21,549
You may want to consider a Long also.
+20 + 40 = 19,692
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