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CD were those squares silk or cotton?
While plenty of adult beverages were consumed, there were not enough to warrant that picture.
Forced to trade in last week's swim trunks for a tie.
OP - not to be a jerk, while the pictures and names don't seem to jive with what may be generally thought to be a spread or a cutaway, it is up to the consumer to understand the product they are buying. Since it appears they make the pictures available on the site, it is your fault for assuming and not checking. There are plenty of websites out there that have a slightly different interpretation of something, many times in a head scratching way. But just because their...
17757 + 35 = 17792
I like the tie......until.....black shoes with brown tie?
13980 + 50 = 14030
I think this looks like a pretty good start. Maybe a little nip through the body to give it more shape. Length - does it cover your arse?For both of these a tailor should be able to clean up the "back chest" measurement to remove the access fabric behind your armpits and tighten up the chest a little. I don't feel like the shoulders look too wide, at least from the front picture. Maybe run it by a local tailor. What did the Tailor thread say?
Same for me. If I click a link directly to a product, it loads fine. If I click on "jackets and suits" nothing loads, or the load is spotty. Perhaps my culprit is this - at work our browsers are a few releases behind (not netscape, but not the newest firefox or IE), and at work it doesn't load at all. But at home, where my browsers are up to date, I'd say about 25% of the time it just spins.Safari on the iPad is another issue...it crashes constantly.
New Posts  All Forums: