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I think I like the 38 Napoli and 40 Sienna better. But I am tired and pissed at my day so take that into account.
Might want to post this in the massive (and active) Meermin thread and see if anyone has any comparable knowledge.
So any other SCs coming our way? Perhaps some half-lined wool that can be worn a little more year round? I love those jackets, but don't buy far enough out to prepare for 2 seasons away...
Easy question but I can't remember the answer from prior dealings....if I just want the swatch books, do I have to pay to have them shipped to me?
did you have them change the leg opening or is this the stock look?
Are you guys referring to this suit? If so, I wouldn't consider something with linen to be a standard. Perhaps there are more York's?
All of your Benjamin sportcoats are listed as fall/winter weight. Amongst the items you are working on, any year round or 3 seasons weights coming? And to clarify, is this jacke jacket or this jacketj truly colder weather? Thanks
I thought she would smoke Kools. You know, cause the young'uns do it. I bet she drinks Milwaukee's Best.
Clags - who makes that cool sport coat?So after calling everyone bland, your comeback is to show us the fashion-forward-never-dull-but-always-snappy-and-fresh way of dressing that involves un-ironed collar points and a badly knotted tie?
I was wearing this when I discovered the challenge. Not sure if the tie breaks the plain rule, but I'm not wearing a tie nor jacket tomorrow, so here goes. Pulling a Clags pose: I call this one "sunset over master bath":
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