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I find that if I emailed in the morning, I'd get something in the afternoon. But sometimes he's traveling.
I wonder what model this is.
All my red, white, and blue homeys, yell it with me now... I I believe I believe that I believe that we I believe that we will I believe that we will win! I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!
This new suit again.
Search "blazersuit" on the forum and you'll find some discussion around this topic.
52,259 + 25 + 26 = 52,310
I have noticed them doing this from time to time. Perhaps that jacket is sold on a different continent. Sometimes Europe carries items we don't have access to in the US.
So homeys...I have a wedding question....I know this isn't the normal forum for that, but figured I'd ask real quick.. This weekend I am attending the wedding of a cousin in the rolling hills of south central kentucky (no cousin jokes please). The location is a converted barn that now has events like this. It is located on a horse farm. I was told "casual" is the requested dress. Food is going to be BBQ and miller lite. I have only met the groom about a half a dozen...
every brand fits differently.
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