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Do you find yourself in situations where people are analyzing your suit? I'm sorry, but that's cracking me up. I propose we next discuss the merits of a KW vs. Rubinacci vs Target (3 pack) boring basic white cotton/linen pocket squares. I kid.
You may still want to try. I have a 38 and 40 in the Havana jacket and the shoulders are not largely different. However, the 38 is definitely snugger. If you don't feel your existing size is snug in the shoulders then yes the larger size may not work. But maybe you'll get lucky.On the topic of the Lazio, I am now understanding everyone's beef with the sleeve length. I felt like the two sizes I tried had the sleeve length was for one size smaller.
I just packaged up the blue Lazio suit before remembering to take pictures compared to the navy. Sorry about that. Unfortunately I have discovered for a Lazio I need a 39R. I wish I could understand why the long version of some of these cuts are even slimmer thru the body. If you are taller you are automatically thinner? So that means I can't wear Sienna or Havana either as the sizing is the same. Not happy with that. If they would switch to mix-and-match sizes I...
76,700 + 20 = 76,720
One size larger in the Havana...
How often do people order hidden plackets? Every MTM maker offers this option, but I have not once in my life seen it.
Thanks for the Rakuten link. "The translations crack me up: ring slim classic '168' model in panties see three-dimensionally and show beautiful belly', also silhouette is 'legs, legs' specification below the knee straight squint of crotch superficial clean. " Ring runs a size small compared to US and Euro brands, generally? So if I am a 38R US, I should go for a 40? And on this Rakuten site, are they showing Euro sizing? I am guessing they are, as I am looking at a...
If you don't mind me being a dunce, how did you track down this particular shop on Rakuten? Neither A&S Shop nor ASSHOP in the seller search field is working for me.Searching for Ring Jacket also only gives me Cobra Kai looking field jackets.
Problem for we SF people is that it's a million discussions being held by the same 50 people. Until SS sees a massive drop in volume I seriously doubt they change it.If you buy either of these please take pics. My eye can't get past the fuzziness of the online pictures. It's like I'm looking at burlap.
74,500 + 50 = 74,550
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