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But the numbers didn't change.
+32 = 23,496
I have also seen this. My first 2 purchases in 2012 were Napolis. Most jacket measurements were the same except for the waist. I didn't have to touch it on one jacket, but had to have the other taken in. The pants that matched the no-alter jacket have a slightly fuller thigh and seat cut. A Napoli I bought last fall had the same general dimensions as the no-alter jacket before, but the sleeves were about 3/8" shorter.SS uses multiple manufacturing facilities. I...
+37 = 21,549
You may want to consider a Long also.
+20 + 40 = 19,692
+40 = 17,199
5-10 minutes????? FIVE TO TEN MINUTES ARE YOU SERIOUS????? OMG CLAY AIKEN!!!!!!!Kidding. Good feedback here.
+43 = 12,799
I am mostly wearing sportcoats to work so I keep with the same shirts that I would also wear with a suit. On Fridays or for dinner I may wear a more colorful gingham or check or stripe. So the answer is, it depends on where you are wearing it.
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