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All of your Benjamin sportcoats are listed as fall/winter weight. Amongst the items you are working on, any year round or 3 seasons weights coming? And to clarify, is this jacke jacket or this jacketj truly colder weather? Thanks
I thought she would smoke Kools. You know, cause the young'uns do it. I bet she drinks Milwaukee's Best.
Clags - who makes that cool sport coat?So after calling everyone bland, your comeback is to show us the fashion-forward-never-dull-but-always-snappy-and-fresh way of dressing that involves un-ironed collar points and a badly knotted tie?
I was wearing this when I discovered the challenge. Not sure if the tie breaks the plain rule, but I'm not wearing a tie nor jacket tomorrow, so here goes. Pulling a Clags pose: I call this one "sunset over master bath":
Pulling a Clags pose. I call this one "sunset over master bath."
It's up: http://www.kentwang.com/pocket-squares/jacobean-laton.html
I saw this suit on Tuesday and I liked it. A little blue-er than navy. Good looking suit.Salmon - I don't think simply bending your arm at the elbow should cause that much gap. It seems that just about every picture is showing something around the neck.----I had a few hours to kill in Chicago on Tuesday and stopped in the SS store. As expected, everything on the floor leaned towards the spring/summer stuff. Every sportcoat was linen or cotton. Most of the suits were...
CD were those squares silk or cotton?
While plenty of adult beverages were consumed, there were not enough to warrant that picture.
Forced to trade in last week's swim trunks for a tie.
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