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Mostly China, but I think one of my suits from circa 2012 was made in Turkey. I've had a few pieces for nearly 4 years now and have not had construction issues.
+25 + 30 + 16 = 39,804
+30 +30 +15 = 36,228
+20 = 30,020
I was thinking of getting this jacket for Oaks (day before Kentucky Derby, where the traditional color is pink). Would pair it with light gray pants. I haven't pulled the trigger because I'm afraid I won't get much use out of it otherwise. For normal wear, how else could I wear it? I'm striking out on pant pairing other than light gray. Navy may look a little patriotic. Darker gray (charcoal) seems a no go. Perhaps a lighter brown? Open to thoughts. thanks!
Can you guys use the Spoiler function for responding to pictures please?
Have you thought about Suit Supply?
+48 = 28,828
I like everything but that left shoulder. That's quite the dimple on the outside. Is the seam overhanging your shoulder?I find that the key difference between online and in store is that you can actually touch the merchandise online!As far as getting the most out of the experience, I personally always burst through the doors and scream "Come service me you cretins. Though I rank above you I want to give paper money to you in exchange for your paltry goods so that you...
Ground up pigs feet sprinkled with rainbows and kitty litter (for the sparkle).
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