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http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3801/12812793245_1bd8733e5b_k.jpg Left column, 5th fabric down, the blue TRE1023 swatch.....anyone think this is too blue for standard office wear as a suit?
23114 + 50 = 23164
Cold again. bah.
When I was in Chicago I was told the range is $650 to over $1700.
Props to you for wearing business attire on holiday.
Less than a week. I always tell Kent my order and my measurement adjustments within the same email. He then sends me a paypal invoice, then I have received an "order submitted" email within a day of paying.
21001 + 40 = 21041
RTC - if you are going to do a crazy item, it has to be razor tailored. As such, it looks like a 3button smock coat, or a doctor's white coat died green. Give that thing some better shape, fix the sleeves, do something to the pocket flaps, and you'll have the bizznatches begging to drink your green beer.
New Posts  All Forums: