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+40 = 12,096
Nice job recreating the Timotune photo style too.
I think they look good on the mannequin, but and and in the real life pictures. Collar gaps, wonky shoulders..they don't seem to "wear" very well.
to me it would depend on the sheen of the fabric in person. As for this color as an odd jacket, I like it.Hey dooods, please spoiler the pictures in responses.
Looks pretty bright to me. If you're an accountant in St Louis I would not suggest it for work.
Are you talking about the waist or thru the legs? Methinks you mean waist, but the question was the thighs. My SS pants don't have 2 inches to let out in the thigh.
+39 = 9,165
You may want to go see a doctor about those spots on your face.
FYI, your listing says "Kent Want".
Quick poll, how many of you own burgundy pants?http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/the-16587/Benjamin-Sartorial-Sport-Coat-cln-/Detail
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