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Rudals/Noodles copycat
I would have a local tailor see if he can help with the collar gap. The pants may lay better at the bottom with a sleeker pair of shoes. (you only get married once, or maybe twice, so don't go el cheapo on the shoes. You NEVER have a reason to wear dress shoes other than 2 weddings per year? At least get an Allen Edmond or Loake for $300 if you can). If you plan to wear THIS shirt......before you alter the jacket sleeves, try moving the buttons of the shirt inwards so...
The "sheesh" was for your comment about not liking the jacket, but you tried to deliver a backhanded compliment anyway. It's the way you worded it that bugged me....came off as a snooty "well I personally, debonair and smashing as I am, would never in all the ages wear that monstrosity. However, it looks quite fitting on you." So are you trying to make him feel good or bad about the choice? 'Tis all I'm saying.
62,000 + 25 = 62,025
I am a fan of those washed out [summer] Boglioli type cotton jackets. And perhaps dude has short arms and this was the best he could do with the tailoring.sheesh
61,540 + 55 = 61,595(includes 5 15-20 second negative holds)
JHT652 - agreed, my first thought was to order the next size down to compare. Don't return one until you check both. But I feel you may like the shoulders on the 42 and maybe less alternations. - - - Regarding the outlet, the Dutch site seemed to still have a bunch of really old stuff, back when SS was a little guido-y in its styling. Plus I saw items that I saw on the outlet last time, like those bright colored Washington SCs. I'd rather they wait another 6 months...
X-post from the Friday Challege: Nearly all cotton summer outfit with some SF favs and affiliates - Suit Supply cotton/linen jacket, Cottonwork shirt, Brooks Brothers cotton madras tie, Kent Wang silk PS, JCrew cotton pants and socks, AE hooves.
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