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this is what I meant originally. what I should have said was "how did you get a 30 pant from suit supply with a 40 jacket?" So I guess same were able to swap out pant sizes?
How do you get a 40 jacket with a 30 pant?
+25 + 36 = 90,621
looks good!
It will depend on how shiny the fabric is in person. If it has the slight sheen of a suit, then no bueno as an orphan jacket.You may want to search the threads for the One Suit concept. Perhaps it was Mafoofan years ago. Anyway, you can glean some insights about a suit like this being broken up.
Definitely an FU pattern. If you're into that sort of thing then it could be cool, especially around holidays. Curious, do you have many occasions to wear such a loud piece?
+25 +50 +25 = 89,200
Agree with your assesment. Looks good.
+50 + 25 = 87,905
+40 = 83,515
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