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+37 = 21,549
You may want to consider a Long also.
+20 + 40 = 19,692
+40 = 17,199
5-10 minutes????? FIVE TO TEN MINUTES ARE YOU SERIOUS????? OMG CLAY AIKEN!!!!!!!Kidding. Good feedback here.
+43 = 12,799
I am mostly wearing sportcoats to work so I keep with the same shirts that I would also wear with a suit. On Fridays or for dinner I may wear a more colorful gingham or check or stripe. So the answer is, it depends on where you are wearing it.
I can get a decent dimple, but I do notice they don't hold the knot very well throughout the day. I find myself having to tighten and re-adjust frequently.As for quality, I'd place them in an average bucket. So at an equally average price, you could consider it a decent buy.But if you're looking for something that will make the ladies' panties drop, these probably won't do it.
+40 = 12,096
Nice job recreating the Timotune photo style too.
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