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+50 + 25 + 25 = 76,250
I've done about 200 since my last update. +200 = 71,180
I'll add to your hand ringing on this...I like a 38R in Napoli, 40R in Havana and Copenhagen. I own a 38R in a Lazio and it is perfect if I was hanging with guys who shop at H&M. I tolerated it for a bit because I wanted a slim suit at the time. More recently I ordered a 40R in a Lazio...jacket was too big, but the pants fit great. Also tried a 38L...jacket would have been great with a little let-out at the waist, but pants were too tight. So based on what you...
This appears to be the right size for you. I'd have a tailor look at the rippling in the back. Can't tell if sleeve length works or not.Folks, if you're going to post fits...what you're mostly asking people to opine on is shoulders, waist, and length (sleeve and overall). To be effective, you must button the jacket, button your sleeves, wear proper pants, tuck in your shirt, wear proper shoes, and leave your arms down.And please spoiler replies that are picture...
No, they just have a higher stance.
+50 + 25 + 25 = 42,899
Mostly China, but I think one of my suits from circa 2012 was made in Turkey. I've had a few pieces for nearly 4 years now and have not had construction issues.
+25 + 30 + 16 = 39,804
+30 +30 +15 = 36,228
+20 = 30,020
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