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The way my shoulders and chest are built (I am wider as you look at me from the front compared to my depth as you look at my profile, if that makes sense) I always have a slight bowing issue with every single jacket I have ever worn. When I really stand upright, my shoulders separate the material. I probably should have the chest made slightly larger to combat this. But I like jackets a little trimmer. The lapels also appear to be cut with just a slight curve. And...
I like how the shoulders and sleeves look, but you have some collar gap on the left side. You can see a hint of an X in the fabric around that top button, so probably a touch tight as you mention. Personally, that wouldn't bother me (looking at it, I mean) unless it's too snug on you.
Upper half pic with sucky lighting of the grey glen plaid fabric. You can see the pattern better in the shoe shot. I'll take some more pics of how it turned out next week.
New Kent Wang suit. Didn't realize the lighting sucked until I uploaded, but now I'm off to a meeting. Will try better ones next week.
If I roll back my shoulders in a full erect (heheh) posture then my lapels bow and you will call me a weirdo. So the robopose includes slightly rounded forward.Speaking of, that happens to me on every single jacket I have ever owned. Either I'm just f'd with square, thrown back shoulders......or I can do what? Make the chest bigger?
I suspect it is so freakin wide because everything else is so freakin narrow.Easiest solution is to convince them to switch to separates. I don't understand why they haven't yet.
I would wear shorts no matter the weather. Buy a pair of Wranglers from KMart, then cut the legs to just above to bottom of the pocket. Then wear a tie. Then put on a lime green DKNY shirt (yes, OVER the tie). For shoes, I like a nice pair of Tevas, cause it says "I'm ready to hike, and party!". Black dress socks are not required, but you at minimum must wear brown. On your head should be a ballcap of your school, duh, with your frat letters on the side, so you can...
Perhaps he thought you were asking to adjust from the sleevehead?
No. You order it and report back.
New Posts  All Forums: