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Maiden voyage of my new Henry Carter tie.After vacation and some non-suit work events, I have over 1500 posts to catch up on. Someone please provide me with a bullet point summary. thanks.(kidding) [[SPOILER]]
Would you mind taking a closer up shot of the fabric? I want to see IRL vs their website. thanks!
You're right, some is last year's F/W, or staples that are always there. Just checked the UK site and see what you're referring to. I'm hoping they come online soon in 'Murica. I want that solid blue Lazio.
Length is short by pure classical standards. Is it covering your arse? Will you feel conscious about it everytime you wear? If no to the former and/or yes to the latter, might want to consider longer.Also a little bit of bowing of that left lapel.I can't get the EU stuff to load for me in the US....on the US site I see 19 suits in the F/W collection. How many are in what you are calling the full set?
If you want to cater to the SF crowd, then I agree with most of Kulata's suggestions, minus these lapped seams. Buuuuuuuuut, you need to sell to more than just SF or you'll go bankrupt. So let's talk about pockets. While I love patch pockets, I wonder how much they catch on with the general masses. I work in an office that wears suits when seeing clients and sportcoats when not. I am the only person out of about 30 males (ages 24-63) who has a patch pocket SC. I...
66,144 + 50 = 66,194
Orange ties do not get a ton of love on this forum as the suit crowd is much more conservative. Also, many traditionalists would contend that a wedding is about the bride, not the groom, and you shouldn't stand out with a color like that. I also personally think this particular tie is fugly. We're not the ones wearing it, but you did ask faceless strangers for their opinions. So don't get mad and defensive just because people don't agree with your choice. 'Tis the...
Did your bride-to-be choose the tie?
On the US site, there are 7 different "Havana Blue Plain" jackets. which one?
I would personally get the Grey Faux Uni.I'm not overly thrilled with the fall suits. Many are cool, but I can't wear them where I work. Agree that many would be better as jackets, or those super patterned ones to be worn at Pitti but not standard issue offices. I hope the full collection has a few more basics. I also wish they didn't jack up the price with a vest, let me choose if I want it or if I want to pay less without it.
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