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66,144 + 50 = 66,194
Orange ties do not get a ton of love on this forum as the suit crowd is much more conservative. Also, many traditionalists would contend that a wedding is about the bride, not the groom, and you shouldn't stand out with a color like that. I also personally think this particular tie is fugly. We're not the ones wearing it, but you did ask faceless strangers for their opinions. So don't get mad and defensive just because people don't agree with your choice. 'Tis the...
Did your bride-to-be choose the tie?
On the US site, there are 7 different "Havana Blue Plain" jackets. which one?
I would personally get the Grey Faux Uni.I'm not overly thrilled with the fall suits. Many are cool, but I can't wear them where I work. Agree that many would be better as jackets, or those super patterned ones to be worn at Pitti but not standard issue offices. I hope the full collection has a few more basics. I also wish they didn't jack up the price with a vest, let me choose if I want it or if I want to pay less without it.
I will apologize, I didn't realize you were asking about boots. I understand now. I agree with what New Shoes said.
64,995 + 55 = 65,050
for those of you who say that the Napoli thighs are too slim, have you also tried a Lazio? I found that the pants of the Lazio are much trimmer than Napoli in the same size. (disclosure, I am comparing circa mid year 2012 Napoli with F/W 13 Lazio. Perhaps the cut changed).
Kent - any comments on why the 2nd price increase in a year? Is your manufacturer doing less business and has to make up via price? Or are they acting like airlines and charging us for something that used to be standard? just curious.
If you bought a $2,00 pair of custom Lobbs, you'd ask for a rubber sole in case it rains?
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