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My thought is that you will find very little feedback to that question on this forum. It has been asked numerous times, and largely ignored numerous times. People don't seem to care to write about the accessories, or have not tried them. You probably need to find a briefcase thread to debate the merits of the slimness.
Look at the last few dozen fits here (or, really 90% of everything on this thread) and you'll notice that pretty much everyone's collar points lay under or very near the lapel of the jacket. The forward point collar makes me think of films like Casino and Goodfellas. And your tie isn't a repp, it's just shiny stripes. I think it could be cool to poof that PS with a solid blue tie.Hey 38r, if o/o were to put a raspberry striped shirt with white banker collar under this...
I think KW and PS use the same manufacturer. Notice how the lookbook styling is the same? My guess is each brand picks which fabrics they want to make available to their customers, and have worked out their own patterns.
I would get a charcoal and a mid-grey for my next two. After that a navy pinstripe and grey pinstripe. From there it is personal preference but you could look into a navy or grey glen plaid, a brown, a windowpane, a chalk stripe.
^ hilarious. I have received items without the vents stitched, but never a personal belonging.
I love lamp.
Black suits are for funerals and nightclubs.How about grey jacket, black pants, red tie (not super satin I bought it from the tux rental shop red), dark green v-neck sweater.
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