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Might want to consider a 38R, 38L, and 40R.Might be the picture angle, but looks like the right shoulder has more prominent roping than the left. Does it cover your arse?
39,960 + 75 = 40,035
Really some of these comments are just basic. You either like brightly colored ties, or you don't. For those of you turned off by the peacocking nature of most of these pictures, let's not lose sight of the fact that just about every person seen here, save for a few of course, are models, celebrities, or in the fashion industry. They have stylists putting them together, and are trying to create a specific look. Or they are looking for a wow factor when on the streets....
Does the sometimes-always-never buttoning pattern apply to ladies? Just curious...
now we are talking about rimjobs? My this has taken a turn for the worse....
Bad ass shoes homey.I am loving these lighter blue jackets for the warmer months. Good stuff.- - -Elephant sighting today
Umm, that's the thing with MTM is that you can make it what you want. If you don't want skin tight, then tell them that. Most of the MTM tailors will listen.
Maybe a little nip to the jacket around the waist if you want some more shape. Do you have the pants rolled? They look completely different between the top and bottom pictures.All the other cuts have trimmer shoulders by about half an inch. I think for this jacket you could simply let out the sides if you decide to keep it.I think they both fit you pretty well. Your own eye has already picked up the button crossing on the Washington. Personally, I don't notice arm...
They used to have a Napoli that was listed as dark gray I think, which I bought circa fall 2011. It might be the same as what they are calling Antra now., which appears to have a little less white speckle.
Not really guidance, but some general thoughts:Wool - definitely get full year use. More standard business-y (even though that color is a lighter blue)Cotton - wrinkles less but I find sometimes they feel a little heavier. If the conference is less formal, then the cotton would be fine.Linen - lightest but wrinkles the most. Ditto on the conference comment.
New Posts  All Forums: