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The count is off by 1...in post 800 gdwilson stated 45 but added 46. I did 30 yesterday, so I'll just add 29.64,063 + 29 = 64,092
Conservative Business Dress
You're a stocky guy, and that is a trim cut jacket, so I can see how people could have some comments about it. If the Napoli shoulders were on this jacket, I think it would be great for you. But if you size up, then the sleeves will be way too long.Regarding the tie, I think if you go with darker brown shoes then it would make this tie work better. That being said, probably very few people would be looking at you with the critical eye of Style Forum, so this works in the...
I like medium grey suits because they can be worn with black, brown, or burgundy shoes. I find myself frequently wearing solid light blue shirts because they go with everything in my closet. I like purple ties like this one because I feel the color also pairs well with multiple shades of suits and shoes, and I can wear it with sold, striped, blue or white. While I mostly wear a plain white TV fold pocket square, I also break out these tipped versions occasionally,...
I have had a charcoal and navy Napoli for nearly 3 years now and wear each one either weekly or every other week. No problems with stitching come apart, buttons falling off, or anything else construction. Drape is still fine. The tops of my thighs are just a little bit shiny where my hands lay or I cross my leg above my knee (I'm getting older, sue me). Still pretty happy with how they are holding.
Looks good. Part of me wants to try the bigger lapels on a sportcoat, but I'm afraid as a 38R/39R it will make me feel like I am swimming in fabric.
2 modes of thought:1) Order the 38R just to try it out. you may like it better, you may not. Send back if not.2) I think the shoulders fit very well. Shaping through the waist and hips is very easy. also doesn't look like you'd need to do anything to the sleeve length.
Measure a suit that you like, compare to measurements of the product themselves, order the closest match and maybe the next closest.
Rudals/Noodles copycat
I would have a local tailor see if he can help with the collar gap. The pants may lay better at the bottom with a sleeker pair of shoes. (you only get married once, or maybe twice, so don't go el cheapo on the shoes. You NEVER have a reason to wear dress shoes other than 2 weddings per year? At least get an Allen Edmond or Loake for $300 if you can). If you plan to wear THIS shirt......before you alter the jacket sleeves, try moving the buttons of the shirt inwards so...
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