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I don't remember, so a question, did you change sizes between the models?
How do they compare to the Champion brand at Target?
+50 = 101,945
Yes. You worry too much. Just order and return.
I still contend that it all depends on your build. I'm also picky about the way my pants fit and move.
Random side comment.....for the last year I've been seeing you guys write about how slim the Napoli pants are. I am built like a cross country runner, and never found my circa 2012 Napolis to be thin, so I dismissed the comments to different builds. But a few weeks back I bought a new Napoli and after now wearing it 3 times I see what you guys are saying. The newer fit is definitely a slimmer through the upper thigh and hip, with a shorter rise. Not nutt hugging or...
+25 +30 = 96,105
Sienna's do this same thing on me. Part what Beatle said, plus perhaps partly how the shoulder itself is constructed.
Based on the google images I am seeing for altan bottier, you are asking about a type of shoe that doesn't get much pub on styleforum. I have yet to see someone of the WAYWRN club to post green or bright purple shoes.
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