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How many navy unconstructed blazers do you own?
I am not opening outside link pictures but I will answer you anyway....you must wear a beanie, and bonus points if it has a helicopter on top. And suspenders, red ones. And clown shoes. Big huge floppy clown shoes. As far as tie goes, look for one with as many colors as possible. The shirt should be a wife beater. I'd advise not wearing pants. The ladies will love it!
lurk moar michael
I had one of my Havana's taken almost all the way to the bottom button, as far as the way the cuff is constructed would allow. I think that was about 5/8". Just leave the bottom unbuttoned and all but the purists won't notice.I am wearing a pair today. Just rolled up the leg and only see about 1/4" to let out at most.
+30 = 44,959
Suit Supply and their naked chicks. I think there are #menswear shown too, but I can't be sure. In fact, lemme check, again.
Not a cut-and-dry topic really. I like some of the ones you call ideal. I agree with the ones you call less than ideal.
Can I vote "maybe"?
I'm thinking about it. But I'm a weirdo with odd pants. I wear them much less than suits, so I have a mental block about paying that price. Gotta get over that.
I know. More a rant comment about not having RTW that fits me perfectly.
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