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Is it covering your arse? Sleeves are short but you probably figured that out already. Kinda hard to see since you're standing against a dirty backdrop, but looks decent.I also vote for ordering the 38R and 40R as a starting point.
Because they are trying to maximize profits?
There is this fantastic thread entitled "Suitsupply NYC" that has a ton of information in its nearly 6900 posts. Probably the best source for you.
Evening glow.
Kent - any chance the lookbook can be modified to show the cloth number, like in the past?
On the other side, I also can't say why, but something drew me to this fabric. Perhaps because when you think pinstripe you think a wider spacing. So I went with this fabric to be a little different. The weird part is that I don't own a pinstriped suit with standard issue spacing. Working on that.
This jacket needs to be seen again. F'in awesome!Heldentenor, I feel like this jacket, as with several others of yours (that olive one off the top of my head), look like suit jackets. When you pair it with the pants you've chosen for each look, you have the classic "oops" of mixing types of fits.- - - -Me the past 2 days, blue on blue yesterday, grey on grey today. [[SPOILER]]
Do you find yourself in situations where people are analyzing your suit? I'm sorry, but that's cracking me up. I propose we next discuss the merits of a KW vs. Rubinacci vs Target (3 pack) boring basic white cotton/linen pocket squares. I kid.
You may still want to try. I have a 38 and 40 in the Havana jacket and the shoulders are not largely different. However, the 38 is definitely snugger. If you don't feel your existing size is snug in the shoulders then yes the larger size may not work. But maybe you'll get lucky.On the topic of the Lazio, I am now understanding everyone's beef with the sleeve length. I felt like the two sizes I tried had the sleeve length was for one size smaller.
I just packaged up the blue Lazio suit before remembering to take pictures compared to the navy. Sorry about that. Unfortunately I have discovered for a Lazio I need a 39R. I wish I could understand why the long version of some of these cuts are even slimmer thru the body. If you are taller you are automatically thinner? So that means I can't wear Sienna or Havana either as the sizing is the same. Not happy with that. If they would switch to mix-and-match sizes I...
New Posts  All Forums: