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I suspect it is so freakin wide because everything else is so freakin narrow.Easiest solution is to convince them to switch to separates. I don't understand why they haven't yet.
I would wear shorts no matter the weather. Buy a pair of Wranglers from KMart, then cut the legs to just above to bottom of the pocket. Then wear a tie. Then put on a lime green DKNY shirt (yes, OVER the tie). For shoes, I like a nice pair of Tevas, cause it says "I'm ready to hike, and party!". Black dress socks are not required, but you at minimum must wear brown. On your head should be a ballcap of your school, duh, with your frat letters on the side, so you can...
Perhaps he thought you were asking to adjust from the sleevehead?
No. You order it and report back.
Deets on deez jackets?
The FedEx customs form for the delivery I had 2 weeks ago came to my house Saturday. $15.55 for anyone interested. I ordered a regular line shoe.
I don't have a lay flat issue with this navy, but my charcoal bows out a bit. I just have to press it from time to time.I have a 38R in both cuts. Napoli definitely roomier, and Lazio trimmer. I I get another Lazio I will order both a 40R and 38L to compare.
for SuitSupply, Long
Carry your jacket and loosen your tie and top button. It's just gonna be hot. When I was in NYC I rode the subway and I kept a change of socks and undershirt at the office for the days I sweated thru those items before making it out of Union Square. Guys, if he's interning for a federal judge, do you think he is going to get a MTM suit with Loro Piana or Holland & Sherry fabric, or search for a fresco fabric? While nice suggestions, I am going to go out on a limb and...
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