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OK how about this for a little more constructive....the fact that you have had to bump it 3 times should be telling of SF's view. It's only worth enough for smart azzes like me to reply.
A grey shirt on this forum is worth about 5 bucks
57,257 + 50 = 57,307
Liked this combo (new tie - the Knottery) a few weeks back and decided to bust it out again today.
i vote for either brown, depending on how they fare next to the brown tie.
56,280 + 50 = 56,330
#1 - do you just need to iron it so it draped properly.#3 - I don't think the bunching is awful. I have personally accepted that there things you can't control 100%, like how the shirt stays tucked. I have a few shirts that are nearly skin tight around the hips, and they still blouse out a smidge. Probably based on where/how you wear your pants, what sort of movement you do, etc.Post this in the tailors thread and see what sort of responses you get. There are some old...
48. do you have big traps? quite the ski slope from behind.
I find that if I emailed in the morning, I'd get something in the afternoon. But sometimes he's traveling.
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