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I'm thinking about it. But I'm a weirdo with odd pants. I wear them much less than suits, so I have a mental block about paying that price. Gotta get over that.
I know. More a rant comment about not having RTW that fits me perfectly.
Good look. Pants look pretty tight though, are you all scrunched up in there?I'm personally struggling with finding some pants with slightly fuller thighs and seat but still tapered below the knee.
This tie in real life, with navy Napoli suit. It says it is silk on the description, but there is a texture to it sort of like linen. I think it is a nice spring/summer color.
This isn't quite an FU Friday outfit, but more of a "gotta push the weekend back just a bit while meeting with clients" outfit. The tie is my linen bridge between more formal weekly silks and the casual-ness of the weekend. Cheers everyone.
A non-casual Friday in the office, which is sadly located far far away from Lake Como.
I have the same fabric coming my way in the next week as well.@socal - if you want really really trim, then you may need to do more. 1cm is not a lot. I'm not a pro at this stuff, but I will add that I think the jacket looks long and may need more than 1.5cm. More like 1.5 inches. Or perhaps I am seeing the wind blowing up the back vents and it looks bigger.By lowering the button stance 1cm, that means it is 96% where you want it, but you make a little tweak? Again,...
43,875 + 25 = 43,900
The havana does not look too long. The DB is giving you an A-line look, like a woman's skirt.
It definitely feels cheaper to me too because of the texture. I like to see texture, not feel it, if it isn't a F/W jacket. I've never owned a hopsack, so I can't compare, but I literally thought "I wonder if this is supposed to be like hopsack." I was expecting it to have the same feel as the navy.
New Posts  All Forums: