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Where will this suit be worn? Are you a marketing guy at a digital media company? Or are you a junior level CPA at a regional firm? Because to me the answer to the length question depends on the environment it will be worn in.
The answer is....it depends on the brand. Some brands are RTW only, some provide a MTM service. Others will offer full custom on a limited basis. What you're seeing in a photoshoot is most likely RTW with clips in the back to give the appearance of tailoring.
I think I'm generally ok with the suit, though it's hard to look all the way across the room. It's made to be slim, and that's what it looks like on you. Some questions that will let you know what I'd focus on:1) does the jacket cover your arse?2) does the jacket feel tight at the waist or in the arms?3) are the pants squeezing your junk?4) can you squat down without feeling like the pants will rip in the thigh or back?I love the color.
Call any store where you can speak their language and they may be able to ship it to you at home.
+30 = 85,030
yellow pages and yelp.
What do you wear for Napoli and York?
Fit is relative to the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Compare the in store pictures to the in store salesmen and you'll see similarities.
+50 + 25 + 50 = 84,225
1) this topic can be found elsewhere on the forum. 2) but if you're not going to search, you at least have to give us some info before you're going to get any real responses. age? what type of job or industry? city? stuff like that. The answer for accountant in Minneapolis will be different from Marketing Exec in NYC,
New Posts  All Forums: