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+30 = 85,030
yellow pages and yelp.
What do you wear for Napoli and York?
Fit is relative to the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Compare the in store pictures to the in store salesmen and you'll see similarities.
+50 + 25 + 50 = 84,225
1) this topic can be found elsewhere on the forum. 2) but if you're not going to search, you at least have to give us some info before you're going to get any real responses. age? what type of job or industry? city? stuff like that. The answer for accountant in Minneapolis will be different from Marketing Exec in NYC,
Rick - curious, why are the shoulder measurements of the jacket smaller for the contemporary compared to the slim (for size 36 and 38 at least)? Also, are you going to stay with these lengths? They are shorter than Suitsupply. I worry that for anyone 6' and taller they may be too trendy short. Good looking fabrics.
Is it covering your arse? Sleeves are short but you probably figured that out already. Kinda hard to see since you're standing against a dirty backdrop, but looks decent.I also vote for ordering the 38R and 40R as a starting point.
Because they are trying to maximize profits?
There is this fantastic thread entitled "Suitsupply NYC" that has a ton of information in its nearly 6900 posts. Probably the best source for you.
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